Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Amy's Adventures in getting healthy

Hmm...yeah. Remember me? I am still around. I have NO PHONE or INTERNET at home and I've been so slammed at work there hasn't been time for much blogging or blog reading. My blog roll is getting terribly backed up I'm afraid. HOWEVER I wanted to post quickly about the MAY DAY tales from the scales and what I've been up to.

Well first over at Elizabeth's Blog I read about the May Day Weight Loss Challenge going on over at tales from the scales. (See the button in my side bar.) Honestly I forgot to weigh in this morning to post my progress. I will tonight so I can keep up with the May Day Challenge. I'm actually doing another program as well that has me focused not so much on losing weight this week. I have been following Lolly and her journey.

I have been feeling very Blah the last few weeks. I think it's a combination of many things really. Not eating or being healthy. Over doing it at the garage sale. Not having a vacation in FREAKING FOREVER. No knitting time and not getting to go to the monthly little knitting meet and a tiny bit of just hanging in limbo with the new business thing. So after reading Lolly and the 7 day detox she just completed I bought the Ultrasimple Diet book and have read through it. I have started the 7 day program to try and get all the "junk" out of my system and hopefully stop the cravings for bad things I don't need. I am not looking as this week as a weight loss program. Hopefully that will go along with it, but I am more interested feeling better. I know I have been putting crap in my body...and as a result I felt like crap. Also at the end of the program you can add back certain foods and find out if they cause you to feel bad. For example I had already determined that dairy (mostly milk) increase my sinus problems. So I'm very interested in testing to see which foods make me feel good and bad.

There is an inflammation "test" of sorts in the book to see which areas of your body are the most inflamed. I of course scored off the charts which did not surprise me. I'm really hoping this will make me feel better and have more energy, so I can keep up with all that life is throwing at me. Also, I'm going to budget in time and money for a pedicure in the next week or so. A little me time away from the office and family. Then hopefully Memorial Day weekend we'll head down to our friends Bay house for some "drankin and carrying on" and hopefully some R&R and knitting time.

Since I've had no Internet I've been keeping a written journal and I'll try to get it typed up and posted tomorrow. Not having internet at home puts a big kink in things let me tell you!

So...more soon, I promise!

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