Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day Two

Despite my rocky start on Monday, I slept good and this morning I woke up (on time) and started my checklist. The green tea was nice and I felt pretty alert although not energetic by any means. I did not feel sluggish and horribly tired as I normally do on Monday mornings which was wonderful!

I did not eat enough today as I still had no blender for my breakfast until this evening. Lunch was great and the broth was even good. I drank all of my water and even walked my 12 minutes that I've committed to every night this week. I'm not doing more than 12 because I think my body is going through enough this week so I don't want to push it.

I had more energy this evening and found myself up and doing things rather than sitting. Still feeling a tiny bit weak though and I'm having muscle cramps. I think all the vitamin C making me tinkle all the time has depleted my potassium so I did take a big dose of potassium tonight and had a banana with my shake for dinner. (For those familiar with the plan I switched my meal order today).

I ended the day with the recommended hot bath and it was HEAVENLY. So nice to relax and feel good about taking the time to take care of myself today. I stayed "unplugged" while at home. No tv, Internet (well its not working anyway) or news or anything. I did listen to music while exercising and during my bath.

Results: I feel good today and I feel great about doing this for myself. Some things may be hard to do and not taste good but I'm proud of myself for scheduling this for myself. I've cancelled all "extra" activities this week such as bunko and lunches so that I won't be tempted to eat and can focus on myself.

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