Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day Three

Sorry no knitting content lately! I keep forgetting the camera at work so that I can take pictures of my WIP's. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow. Please bare with me regarding the "program" talk this week.

Woke up BEFORE the alarm today! I slept so WONDERFULLY! It was just lovely! I followed the program to the letter today except for only having one of the shakes. I don't have a way to mix one at work. I was hungry today especially in the afternoon. An apple and some almonds helped hold me until dinner. I sauteed some garlic and chicken with asparagus and brown rice. Not too bad :) I've discovered a few things so far. Asparagus isn't bad if it is LIGHTLY steamed. Fresh ginger is cool and I like using it to spice things up...but I don't really like the taste of it if it's strong. For some reason I tend to add garlic and or rosemary to everything lol.

It was a stressful day today at work. Very busy! I stayed on the program but my attempt to stay calm and relaxed didn't exactly work. I felt achy this afternoon and tired. I also took one advil because I had a toothache. I'm trying to avoid all medicines except my prescriptions this week if I can help it.

Results: I feel pretty tired right now and would like to go to bed. However my broth has to cool and I still have my 12 minutes to do on the EFX machine.

So I'm off to finish up so I can have my wonderful hot bath! Pleasant dreams everyone!

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