Monday, April 30, 2007

Garage Sales and Broken Underwires

Ya'll I'm dog tired and the underwires in both of the only bra's that fit me have broke. If that tells you anything.

It probably tells you my wardrobe is as neglected as my house at the moment.

I do believe we swore after the last garage sale we weren't doing this AGAIN. My Mother is a professional garage sale holder. There is none of this toss it out on the lawn unpriced stuff. Oh no! Every item is cleaned and priced. Everything is organized by kitchen/bath/clothes/shoes etc... However she has a very successful garage sale let me tell you!

I did not find a ton of stuff for the garage sale but I did manage to destroy my house today. AND I did not even touch the junk room. Only my bedroom and bath and closet. I also managed numerous loads of laundry, to organize my bathroom closet, throw away two big bags of trash, unearthed 4 cat toys, cleaned out under my bed and now that there is room Abby won't come out from under it. I did not organize my closet but I found the floor of it and now have piles of clothes every where waiting to be sorted. I hate spring cleaning and did I mention garage sales? I guess they are a necessary evil though considering I'm a pack rat. It is nice to organize things but you have to make such a mess in the process.

In a tub under my bed I found some braclets that I had to give out as prizes at my parties when I was a consultant for a certain home party company that has to do with living in the south :) Anyway they are those kind with the big silver beads and then charms on them. I love those bracelets...I've bought a lot of them. I just never wear them because they drive me nuts. ANYWAY I decided I would cut the charms off and make stitch markers from them. They are shoes and purses etc...I think they'll be cute.

I do believe I'm done for tonight. I didn't get nearly as much done as I had hoped but oh well. I haven't knit all weekend so I'm about to go park it.

p.s. I must be really tired. spell check went into a nervous twitch I misspelled so many words.

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Miss Knotty said...

Yes, I have the smallish(large) crush on Daniel(Hottie) Craig. Wait'll you see him in his swimsuit. Pant!

-Miss K (naughty)