Thursday, November 30, 2006

Its the little things

Cold weather
big pot of soup simmering in the kitchen all day (ok kitchen at the office but still)
Hot apple cider
sneaking shortbread cookies
putting the finishing touches on the office decorations
big comfy flannel pj pants
warm fuzzy socks
ARM WARMERS (hand knit I might add)
Lady curled in her bed looking at me like "would you turn the damn heat up already"
The cats running wild cuz they dig the cold weather too
Hot tea (yeah I know its a wonder I'm not running to the bathroom with all the hot drinks going on)

And last but not least...The Nutcracker. Thats right...years ago...I think around 1985 or so I watched a version of the Nutcracker ballet on PBS, that was introduced by Tony Randall and narrated by....I can't remember her name. I LOVED it. I of course taped it and proceeded to wear that tape OUT. I've watched other productions of the nutcracker but I LOVED this one. The others not so much. Before there was g o o g le I surfed the net far and wide to find this version. I found out the dancers were from the Pacific Northwest Ballet. I wrote PBS, I wrote the Pacific Northwest Ballet to see if a copy could be purchased. Mind you this was YEARS later. It was no longer for sale, being produced or available. I was crushed. However every year I get the bug and look again...just KNOWING someone is gonna put it on ebay eventually. I've found other people on the internet searching for the same production. Lo I have at last found it. At no less, previously used, and sold by a third party or something, but I FOUND IT. And yes I did BUY it. It arrived today. I cannot tell you the joy this used VHS tape in my mailbox brought me.

Now does anyone know how I can get it put on a dvd? :)

I'm off to get warm and snuggle in my bed with the cats and watch NUTCRACKER The Motion Picture.

Is it wrong that I'm wishing for a snow day so that I can stay home, and KNIT?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Well I had hoped to do a post about Thanksgiving and the things I'm thankful for. Haven't been near a computer until yesterday, and then I didn't feel the blogging muse. We did not have a traditional Thanksgiving this year. My aunt and uncle that live in Carrollton (a 2 hour drive from my house) have been in poor health the last year. There have been so many hospitalizations and such, and then they both just had pacemakers put in this month. Since work is slowing down Mom decided to go up and spend the week of Thanksgiving with them. Dad drove her up on the 17th and that night they had to take my aunt to the ER. After a few days of a drug induced coma and being on a respirator she has been moved out of ICU. Their two children are no longer living, and the only immediate family they have is a grandson and his wife. I will not go into my thoughts on THAT, but lets say they are not around. They are not of any help. Mom stayed at the house with my uncle driving him back and forth to the hospital for visiting hours, while their church family stayed in the ICU waiting room at all times for us. My sister and I arrived Thursday afternoon and headed to the hospital for the next visit. Joyce and Lois the two ladies that have "adopted" my aunt and uncle have spent every night there in the waiting room. We had never met them but heard about them at great lengths. They instant grabbed us both in hugs saying there is no "nice ta meetcha here, you give us a hug" lol great ladies! They are a hoot and such a blessing to my aunt and uncle.

It's a sad sad situation. They need constant care but refuse to go into assisted living. They moved into their daughters house before she passed away and so they have a house full of things that they can't keep up with and no longer want or need. The grandsons wife doesn't want any of it. I fear one day soon we will lose one of them and while I know its hard to face ones mortality they refuse to deal with the legalities of everything. My aunt does everything, while unconsious in the hospital we were at a loss trying to figure out the massive amounts of medicine for my uncle, how he can refill his prescriptions or get money from the bank. He knew nothing. They have endured so much losing both their daughter and son unexpectedly, that I can't imagine.

So no turkey or dressing (stuffing for some) or pie or fruit salad this year. But walking in to that hospital room before we left with my aunt sitting up and able to talk was enough to be thankful for.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Holiday Limbo

Let it be said that I am fully aware I need help. Conversation with myself to follow. Don't let it scare you...all the people on my planet talk to themselves.

True Natural Holiday Loving Self, hence forward known as Nerdself
Pessimistic, cautious, more reality based self, hence forward known as Brain.

Nerdself: OK OK ITS HERE! It's time to START the festivities!!! The Holiday Season has COMMENCED!

Brain: Huh? Has it? Are you sure? I mean really sure? I don't think it is, the Holidays are still a long way off.

Nerdself: NO NO it really is! Thanksgiving is next week! That Dallas radio station has started the 24 hour Christmas music!

Brain: Yeah but they do that crap early! They've had Christmas decorations out since July man! I really don't think its time to Commence the Holiday Glee just yet.

Nerdself: DUDE your MOTHER who has not decorated for Christmas in 10 years bought a basketful of decorations for her desk and the ledge around her "area". YOUR MOM!!! Your SISTER put up her Christmas tree before turkey day! That is like...snowballs in hell or somethin! Admit it!

Brain: Ok, yes you are right about Mom and Sis. I'm just not sure its safe to let go. I mean I've spent over a month forcefully holding back "The Holiday Glee" because it just wasn't TIME yet. Its early know you have to control yourself scare folks.

Nerdself: Fa La La La Laaaaa! I know you think you are fooling people by just listening to a few Trans-Siberian Orchestra songs while you were making that "Mix" Christmas cd but you know you totally wanted to listen to the whole thing! Look at the shiny mini trees all over the ledge of your Mom's area! They are caaaaallling to you.

Ok, aside from the fact I need serious help, does anyone else feel this way? It's like WAIT FOR IT....wait for it....wait for it....Ok NOW go forth with the Holiday Glee! Then you kinda aren't in the mood any more? I'm just sayin. I know it will come back but I'm not feeling very Holiday-ish but does that count cuz its not exactly the Holiday-ish time yet? Yes I do believe my brain is over thinking this one. I'm going to go put on a little Fats Domino Christmas (don't laugh, its the BEST. TOE TAPPING. Christmas cd EVER!

p.s. I did buy red yarn last night. Hobby Lobby is have an S.A.L.E! Yay!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

a melted puddle of cuteness

**edit** Ok I can't get the darn link to work so I'll simply insert the pic I was refering to. I highly recommend the website though!!

It is just THE cutest thing in the world. I'm unable to work. I'm hypnotized by the cuteness.

talk about cute overload! Sheesh!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

unhappy knitting

The knitting is going not so well. The SWS scarf looks all wonky and is going to be frogged as soon as I work up to it. The black and white scarf does not look like the picture in my head. I'm going to try smaller needles to see if it improves and if not I think I'm going to need different yarn. The wrap? Do you hear the wail of despair? I didn't work on it last night when I got home but decided I needed to do at least one row on it before bed. So I settled on the bed in my PJ's and started. Lil Bit made herself comfy in my lap after giving me the evil look because I wouldn't lay down so that she could lay on top of me (as she prefers). All was fine until her stubborn streak came out and she turned in my lap trying to put her head right through the middle of my circular needles....and unraveling several stitches. Now on normal yarn with a normal pattern, no prob. I can pick up the stitches. This slippery stuff in a lace pattern? I don't think I'll be able to. I tried...and it took 5 minutes to try and pick up 3 stitches because I couldn't get a good hold on the needles and that damn slippery yarn. I did my best and finished the row. There is a hole there still and I can't tell where the dropped stitches are. I'll try and make it look not too bad and pick them up on the next go round. I knew I would have to be very careful with this because I seriously doubt the yarn would survive frogging. It would get tangled. So...what to do what to do. I just can't get my knitting grove on! :(

Does this look like the face of a cat who could unravel my first lace wrap?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Its beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas? Sort of? Well after discussing it, my sister and I decided we would not have time over the Thanksgiving holiday to put up her tree and the office tree. Therefore yesterday we drug out the Christmas stuff and put up the tree. I wasn't feeling very Christmasy even though it was actually chilly yesterday and we even put on some Christmas cd's and lit the candles in the fireplace. This afternoon Home Alone was on tv and then....the animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas. ??? Already? Now that sounds silly because I myself have been watching Christmas movies for a couple of weeks now. However I'm strange and I do that when I'm depressed. And even though its actually getting somewhat close and its only a couple weeks to turkey day I feel less and less in the spirit. Hmmm...have to work on that. I haven't put up a tree in I didn't have one and two the cats (well Abby) being the little twit that she is would likely destroy it. I would like to try one this year...but I've lost my ornaments. So don't know if I will.

In Knitting News: I've started my first lacy wrap. I'm totally not going to have enough yarn but I'm determined to go as far as I can. I also bought some Lion Brand microfiber in black and white and I'm going to do a black and white scarf. I'm using circulars for the first time on the wrap...its really taking some getting use to. The short needles and the really slippery yarn is giving my thumb quite the workout that I'm sure I'll pay for tomorrow. I've spent day being totally and completely lazy save for some knitting and looking at knitting patterns. Oh and ebay..I'm watching an auction of red knitting needles that I so want. I collect red (mostly antique kitchen stuff) stuff for my kitchen and I want to put the needles in a vase.

There was also a nap with the kitties. Who were OVERLY happy to see me last night when I got home after being away since Tuesday. Well I'm going to decide whether or not to bid on the needles and then settle down with some coffee to knit until I get sleepy.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Its official. Everyone knew it was coming. It was just a matter of time. Britney and K-Fed are not going to live happily ever after. Oh the heartbreak.

I mean really. I open my google homepage and there are FOUR news headlines with Britney & Kevin watch: The day after. Are you kidding me? No No this one is even better

FULL COVERAGE: Britney & Kevin's split. Full coverage? of WHAT??????

Ok, I will admit I do a little celeb reading occasionally on People. While I mostly like thier photo section (because every few days that usually have a picture of Matthew McConaughey usually shirtless on on a beach)such as this,26335,1552390_9,00.html

But am I the only one sick of seeing headlines about Britney, where Lindsey is partying, TomKat, or Madonna? I assume people really care and do read it since they keep publishing it. It's not that I'm not for a little escapism myself...but it just gets NAUSEATING. If it makes you queasy as well....look here,26335,1546577_6,00.html this will make you all warm and fuzzy again hehe. Yes double standards, hate me if you will but he is yummy and he loves his dogs. Nuff said.

Ok, I'm trying to figure out if the links don't show up to Matthew please forgive me.

If its not one thing its 40

This is what my mother said yesterday morning upon getting into the car. I live next door to the parents so Mom and I carpool at least 4 days out of the week. Next door might be deceiving, there is land between us. Don't ask how much I'm horrible at that. Maybe a little less than a football field? I dunno, I have 2 acres fenced off for my little home sweet home and Mom and Dad live on 18 acres. I've digressed eh? lol AnyWAY tonight is bunko night and its my turn to host. I'm having it at my sisters as she lives in town and I don't and she has more room. So last night I had to make a trip to the grocery store. Let me just say this. I am so not loving the grocery store. In fact, I've started to loathe the big super duper we carry everything including products from all nations AND have started making thier own version of everything stores. So I'm looking for crackers. Saltine crackers. Something most stores have an ample supply of. Two boxes of low fat crackers was IT. Then I notice a box on the floor that is open and inside are crackers! The store brand. Ok, well whatever. So I toss them in the basket and keep on down the aisle dodging kids. Next the canned veggie aisle. There was a woman who was PARKED in front of most of the canned veggies and she was digging through every can of green beans. She loads her cart with a box full and moves down a foot to start the same thing with the corn. She had 3 boys with her probably ages 9 to 13 who were wrestling, kicking, chasing and generally almost knocking over everyone in the entire row. The woman kept diligently digging through cans blocking about 5 people from getting what they need and moving on. Why is this? Why don't people have ANY regard for others any more? Also why do people not make thier children behave? There was a boy running break neck speed through the entire store and literally almost knocked my mother on her butt if she hadn't hung on to the basket. Its terrifying that no control is being exercised in this world. So between that and the large stocking machine that goes BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP sitting in the middle of the store splitting my ears my nerves were shot by the time we left. BUT before I could leave I had to get diet coke. These bunko ladies will get some irritable if they don't have their diet coke. There were about 15 two liters left...all pushed to the back of the shelf where you could not reach them even if you stepped on the shelf below. Oh but you could easily reach the store brand knock off of diet coke. See a pattern here? Hmmmm....ok there is more but I'll stop my grocery store rant at that. They closed the Albertson's which was yes higher priced but so much less crowded and noisy. One of the many reasons I avoid buying groceries. We will touch on the "overwhelming choices" rant another day.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Loose Ends in Life

We now return to our regularly scheduled program girls and boys and bloggers. Haven't posted in a while. Life happened. There were THINGS going on, and on top of that having my most number of closings in October since I've been processing. Of which I handled without breakdown, or going postal. Then things got worse. *sigh* I like to follow happy blogs. Funny bloggers. I tend to not to enjoy (as much) the sad depressing life sucks posts. So I've not blogged for that reason. I will just say that I lost my little buddy Ditto. My 15 yr old, sleeping and cuddling, man of the house gray kitty. Thats all I'm going to say because the tears they do start to flow.

On the knitting front this weekend was tying up loose ends weekend. I FINALLY put the fringe on my sisters scarf. Finshed the multi-colored long skinny scarf. Finished Mom's blue and gray scarf, and finished my wrist warmers! Whew! Couldn't use my right hand yesterday but I finished all that up! PLUS I went through my stash and organized. I also found out where all my needles were (all over the house stuck in various yarn swatches). I did this as my 21 yr old cousin was visiting and using my computer. I think he thought I was a bit nuts with all the yarn, but he very wisely didn't say anything lol. So I'm contemplating projects and patterns. I really want to do a shawl/wrap. A big lacy one done on big needles that doesn't take forever.

My sister is going out of town for the rest of the week so as of tomorrow night I'll be staying at her house to house and dog sit. No computer so I will hopefully get some knitting done! So I have to run and pack (and decide what yarn to take) and hit the sack. My head is pounding like a bass drum so I'm going to make it quick.