Wednesday, January 31, 2007

By Golly She Does Knit!

PICTURES! Yea! Behold the scarf in Patons SWS in plain old exciting knit stitch! I. LOVE. THIS. SCARF. I could pet it all day! It's fluffy and sproingy and oh so soft...except it is just scratchy enough to bother my neck a bit but I LOVE IT.

Below is a scarf I did on the plane ride back from VA. I do not have the ballband so I don't know what yarn it is...I do believe it was a JoAnns Sensation yarn I got for Christmas. This will probably be gifted to a loving home.

I brought the office digital camera home over the weekend and snapped a few pic's before the sun went away again. We really can't seem to figure this camera out (as we have of course lost the book). So I'm winging it with the settings on the camera and how to use it.

I FINALLY finished Grayson's baby blanket and just in time, he arrived yesterday! A big 9 lbs! The blanket did not come out so good. It's not quite...square lol but oh well. For my first blanket it will do. It is super warm and soft and snuggly though!

These were taken at the office so the lighting isn't that great. This is it not quiet finished. I don't have finished pics on my home computer of the finished product.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


So if you've ever worked in the mortgage business for an extended amount of time you will relate to this post. Also if have spent time in the business and you are not an alcoholic congratulations! I just have to say...OH SWEET HEAVEN I WANT TO HURT SOMEONE. There are 31 days in January people. THIRTY-ONE. So please tell me why for the love of yarn does everyone insist on closing in the same THREE days. Yes part of it is just me being a miss cranky pants today but the other part of it is people are seriously insane. There have been problems on almost every file that is closing and rushes and issues and did I mention problems? I seriously need to knit something. Or drink. Or both! We have one customer right now (that is not even closing in the next 3 days but in well over a week) who is a very nice man for all intents and purposes. He is just ahem...older, and finicky, and oh so very very very anal. And I'm usually very good at my customer service and can deal with most everyone. Old cranky guys get on my nerves though and this one just goes on and on and ON to the point that I want to take a dpn and hurt myself with it. Or go lie in the road maybe. Yes I know that is TERRIBLE but OMG!!! did I mention that he goes ON and ON??

Ok ok I'm done. For the most part. The old wrist and thumb are very unhappy campers today...we've got the numbness and tingling going on and it is not pleasant. I think Mom and I are going to try and walk for a bit after work so hopefully that will loosen up the muscles and ease up the stress a bit :)

It is a very good thing I'm out of alcohol at home...there would be drinking and knitting tonight!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Friends and the winds of change

I seem to struggle with my friends for some reason. It always seems as though things are a little one sided. Not that I'm some amazing fantastical friend or anything...but I would like the basic best friend perks. ASKING how I am when we talk or go to lunch. Offering to help when I need it or at least when I ask for it which is very very rare. Not just calling me when my help is needed to fix your computer or fix a flyer for you or take you to pick up your car. Am I being unrealistic? Apparently so. For some strange reason I think that since I do and offer those things it should be returned. For example today I felt the need to get out of the office. I email my friend and we make plans for lunch. I tell her I will be there at 11:00. Now she is always late so I know I have time to run in and pick up a magazine at the bookstore. As I'm checking out my cell rings. I know what she is going to say. I'm on my way, oh and X is coming with me. Lateness is one of her things and I can deal with that. Her inviting her co-workers (which I know since I used to work there too) I can handle SOMETIMES. Back for her Birthday she was kind of down so we make plans for me to take her to lunch. She brings SEVEN other co-workers with her. So today she only brings one but it is one who is newly divorced and seeing another friend/business acquaintance and I'm happy for them but I don't want to listen to her talk about being in bed with him and telling me things I don't want to know. Which she did for the ENTIRE lunch because my friend stayed on her cell phone most of the time. Other than mentioning my hair cut my friend didn't ask or say anything else to me. Am I being picky? Am I being a bitch? Maybe.

Winds of change...we (meaning my sister and I) are looking into a new business venture. It's top secret...but we are taking a trip in a few days to visit a facility of sorts and observe. If we decide to do it which I think we pretty much have, it is just a matter of in what is going to change drastically. I'm excited and nervous!! One one hand I think it would be the most awesome thing to do...on the other it is going to be some freaking hard work. Oh and people are going to think we've lost our minds! hehe we probably have!

so I'm going to be on a plane the entire day Sunday and hopefully will get in some good knitting time!

2007 Are You Ready to RUMBLE?

(sorry went to a hockey game the other night *L*)

January 11th. Already! We are halfway through January people!! sheesh...

All over the blogosphere people are doing joining exercise alongs and knit alongs. I've done nothing. Nada. And you know what? It's been nice. I can't continue to do nada but it has been nice indeed. I did not make resolutions or non-resolutions or goals or anything. I do have in my mind a few things I would like to put on the agenda for 2007.

1. I live very "lean". Meaning not many extra frivolous things. My Mother would disagree, but compared to 10 years ago I live L E A N. I do have cable now and I do have the extra package on my phone so that I can text message and all that jazz. I do buy a little too much yarn now and then. I don't go book shopping any more except on the occasion I'm in Carrollton and I go to the half price store. If a book comes out by one of my authors I read I go pick up the book and leave as quickly as possible. I'm such a book ho! I could spend HOURS (and have) in bookstores and I own more books than I can read in the next 3 years so I've been on a book diet for years now. No more candles and bath and body stuff. I stay out of those stores too! I do not buy every movie when it comes out on DVD...I have to really REALLY want it and I still look for sales. All this rambling to say that...I've got to cut it back again. LEAN and MEAN! Less impulse yarn, less cafe mocha which breaks my heart, less eating out and less everything in general.

2. Health. It's not about weight or even feeling better at this point. Things are going to be happening and my life is about to become more...physical if you will. Besides being over weight and out of shape, my back and knees are crap and I'm about to be in serious trouble because soon my income will depend on me being more active. I'm hoping this will be the... catalyst if you will, to put me on a path of being healthier. Moving more, eating better, cutting out the little caffeine I do have, and strengthening my body.

3. Me! 2006 was the personal growth and development department I think I progressed nicely. I've become a little more out spoken and assertive this year with my family. They did not enjoy this at all. I want to continue on this road and say "NO" more and stick to it. It is especially hard when you work with family. Your brain sometimes can't switch back and forth from the family issues to work issues. I want to get the hang of it though and hopefully get my family used to me saying no...taking me seriously, and not being a "keeper" for people. Also in this category I want to plan more fun, try more things, take care of me and my time. Which means getting in plenty of knitting time, and reading a little more this year.

4. The knitters are also making knitting resolutions. There are a few things I'd like to try this year. I want to conquer dpn's, learn to make socks and hats (knitting in the round), and meet up with some local knitters. I also want to journal and photo my knitting more and keep track of progress.

Seems like there should be 5 at least....but that is it for now.

Good luck to everyone in 2007!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

To sleep per chance to dream

Lately I've been having very odd dreams. Odd because they are like stories...or almost like watching a movie. Pretty detailed as far as dreams go, also long and continous. A couple almost like a science fiction movie/book. Not sure why this is happening...but I do have a nagging feeling I need to be writing them down. That niggling urge to write is growing.

Then I happened to look at my horoscope Thursday, something I haven't done in a while.

You are at the leading edge of a creative wave, allowing you to express the ideas that have been building up inside your fertile imagination. Perhaps you recently faced restrictions that prevented you from having too much fun, yet now the landscape is shifting and a party is arriving at your doorstep. Make the most of this time by simply giving yourself permission to be spontaneous and playful.

I like it.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

I always ask that of all my prey...I just like the sound of it.

No I'm not insane, a little crazy maybe but not certifiable. Yes that is from Batman, the one with Michael Keaton. You know how a certain song can take you back to a particular moment in your life? This movie does that for me. Freshman year I believe...or actually the summer right before it. I was all about the movie and the music in it seems it was present in many things that summer. Parties, friends, boyfriends etc... one of the better memories that makes me smile. Many lines or quotes from that movie lasted throughout the year.

If I'm not making sense it's because I still have that raging headache. It just doesn't want to go away. I've taken various medications but...I'm probably down to taking an Excedrin pm and calling it a night. I stayed wrapped up on the couch all afternoon with Lil Bit in my lap and heat (I have these things filled with deer corn that you heat in the microwave. You can buy ones in stores with rice and stuff but they are not nearly as good. The corn has moisture in it...its wonderful) on my neck and back. I finished my Patons SWS scarf finally. Yes...I KNOW I'm supposed to be working on the baby blanket...but my brain was hurty today. Also there was NOTHING on tv. sheesh. I've looked all through my collection of movies and nothing...jumps out at me. I think it must be my mood.

I've had things I wanted to blog about running through my head for days now and just haven't seemed to get them typed in. Non-resolutions, a review of 2006, New Years, upcoming things for 2007 etc...hopefully I'll get them posted. Everyone in blogland (and in real life) are making resolutions and plans. I have some plans...not resolutions really. Lets face it, for most of us those resolutions of being more organized, losing weight, saving money etc don't last past January...if that.

Ok Lil bit is going around the house scratching on the doors and cabinets. I don't know what she wants. She has food...oh she probably wants FRESH water. She loves fresh water. Damn spoiled brats lol.

ok time for more drugs and bed. Tomorrow I have to do all the fun stuff like washing my sink full of dishes, laundry, bills, and such. Ooh it's starting to rain...nice sleeping weather!

I'll leave you with one last quote from Batman. "This town needs an enema!!!" lol

p.s. the dark picture with the kitty face is Abby aka Abigail aka abby-doodle. I have a high backed computer chair and she likes to lay up on the back. We seem to be making progress (after 3 years) She has actually let me touch her a few times recently.

Holiday Hangover

It's January 6th and I STILL feel as if I have a hangover from the Holidays. Christmas was okay, new years was fun. I'll do more on that later. This whole week I've kind of been in a funk. Blah. The need to hibernate is strong lol. So, so far today that is what I've done. Slept very late...and yes I'm still in my pj's. The house is a wreck and I've got to do something about that. Oh yeah and my favorite, pay bills. Sigh. It's good to be home for a change. Alone. Well...with Lady and the kitties but still. Unfortunately I have a raging headache that is getting worse. I'm off to find meds and curl up with the cats.

more soon