Wednesday, October 25, 2006

All tangled up in my yarn

So...the title of my post. Yes my yarn is tangled. The fuzzy yarn bee yarn of moms scarf. I just don't have the energy to tackle it tonight. I feel tangled up in my metaphorical yarn these days. Having a freakishly busy month is...I don't even know. Insane? yes. Nuts? yes. Chaotic? oh yea! How am I handlig it? so far so good. There was chocolate consumed today though. And halloween candy. dots. tootsie rolls. Shut up the stress burns off the calories. Do to.

Oh and I started some arm warmers/wristlets. I'm not entirely sure why. The urge hit Saturday and I spent a good deal of the day searching through patterns and decided on THE simplest one I found lol. I've already frogged it once though. Saturday night my bestest friend Rhonda took me to dinner for my Birthday. We were gonna go somewhere "nice" but it was Baylor homecoming therefore there were about an extra million people in Waco. So we ended up at Pappa Rollo's pizza. O.M.G. I try not to eat pizza and do so rarely. BUT if you are ever in waco and you love pizza? Go! Even if you just like pizza go because its a cool place. Lots of history there folks. Then a stop at starbucks for a peppermint mocha and back to her house to sit on her back porch with a fire and my knitting. AHHHH it was lovely. PLUS I got halfway through with uh another scarf. I've GOT to get a camera...*sigh*

ok off to bed with me, tomorrow is another day to tackle!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I've meant to post the last few nights. *SIGH* Work is kicking my butt and there is just nothing left of my mind by the time I drag myself home. I have been knitting. I've started a scarf for Mom with some yarn bee yarn that she picked out. Which just so happened to be the exact same yarn I just made a scarf out of for my sister (that she picked out). So yeah they picked out the same yarn, months apart without knowing it. My sister wanted a very wide and very long scarf so it took me quite a while and I'm not to excited about doing it again. I like the yarn, its so soft and fuzzy and yummy you just want to wrap it around you. It can be difficult to knit with though. Once you get in a rhythm its not bad. However Mom doesn't want a wide one, she just picked it out because it goes with all of her navy blue clothes. I have been practicing stitches though. A new one every night! I'll be able to tackle that sock again before long!

It is finally starting to feel like fall though! YEA!!!! *doing a tired happy dance* I actually got to WEAR a scarf this morning. Back up to 78 tomorrow though. Hopefully it will stay cool soon. The animals are LOVING it. Lady won't even come in side she's enjoying it so much and the cats are P L A Y F U L! Well...that may be an understatment. Abby just slid from one end of the house to the other lol.

I hear the Texas knitters get together in Austin last weekend was a hit. I so hope they do it again soon so I can go! Well I'm going to crawl into bed and work on Mom's scarf. "Bringing up Baby" is on TCM...don't ya just love Cary Grant? *G*

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rainy day sundays

Well I did finish the birthday scarf for my cousin in time and I think she really liked it. We had a great time last night. A low key get cousin and I attempted to make mojito's. We did it wrong but they came out pretty good! Lots of laughing envolved!

Its a cool rainy day today. One of those lovely days that just beg you to stay curled up with the kitties watching movies or reading or knitting. I do have to at least sweep up the cat hair and do some laundry...but I definately think there will be some snuggling and napping with the brats today.

and planning of the next knitting project. I have some more gift to get started on however I'm going to have to figure out how to use some from my stash...the new air conditioner has cut off my fiber budget for a while.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Don't knit angry boys and girls

So yeah...knitting in anger can cause your gauge to get really screwed up lol HOWEVER it does calm you down. Rather quickly too...what is it about that repetitive rhythm that is just so soothing? Dunno but I'm almost done with the Birthday scarf for Saturday! Pretty colors...but I just can't get in love with boucle yarn. I don't know why? I just have a hard time with it and I can't use steel I had to frog it 3 times before switching to plastic needles and it was better.

Having a sucky week. My air conditioner went out and considering even though its almost mid Oct. it is still 80+ here in Tx so I need my a/c. I never run my heat regardless but I need my a/c. I'm not going to mention here how much its going to cost me. I. DONT. WANT. TO. THINK. ABOUT IT! seriously depressing. There goes my trip to Austin Saturday to meet Stalker Angie and the other TX knit bloggers.

:( not a happy camper

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

are you sure you knit?

I do. Really. There has been much knitting. Short bursts of marathon knitting. I've even managed to get used to knitting while riding in the car without getting car sick! Must finish the scarf by Saturday!

I will get a camera soon to post pics!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fair and Rodeo and stuffs

Here in the big city of Waco it is time for the fair and rodeo. A big to-do around here. I haven't gone in YEARS. However it is across the street from where I now work. AND I, working here on a Saturday, have watched hundreds and hundreds of people going to and fro.

Why am I working on a Saturday? Because Oct (normally a slow month)suddenly has EXPLODED. We are possibly going to have our biggest month ever. Stressed? Me? Naw!

I didn't do ALL work today...I found some new knitting blogs heh. It's like the dark side. I would be over there working a file and the computer is saying...but you didn't finish looking at that new site you found!

Sheesh! I need help. But I gotta get back and wrap it up. Oh and in knitting news...the socks? not so good. I have started a scarf for a Birthday present...uh next saturday. Don't's on BIG needles hehe

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I did it

Today I was checking out a knit blog and the referenced as a sock tutorial

Katherine is doing a sock tutorial knit along. She has assured blogland that even if you have never knit socks before and are a beginner you can do this. That I can do this. She said so. She seems sure. I am not so sure. I did print out the pattern and lesson one. Then I skipped on over to the store. Yep I did. DPN's. BOUGHT THEM. OMG they are so freaking TINY. I mean you are looking (well you know what I mean) at the girl who as 4 pairs of 9.5mm needles. I LIKE big needles. They don't aggrevate my thumb and things knit up faster. I have cast on the 55sts. I know you people knit socks. Do you KNOW how tiny these things are? I'm so gonna lose them.

The next problem is yarn. I don't know a hill of beans about yarn. All this pretty wool you see on other peoples blogs? My LYS don't have that. They have cool yarn. Pretty fuzzy fun yarn. Regular yarn. I don't know what sock yarn is! Yes I know you are shaking your head and smiling at me bemused. Thinking poor girl doesn't have a clue. You would be right.

I did find some Lion Brand that had one of those nifty pics on the band of socks and it says something like hey you can make socks with this. Yeah. Lets cross our fingers for Katherine and Lion yarn!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Antiques and Autumn

Is it possible to feel like an antique in your early thirties? Yeah ok I know everyone older than that is groaning. I'm just tired. No, make that worn ass out. For those of you that don't speak Texan bare with me. You know the previous post where I had no spoons. I still don't. I wasn't home all weekend. What did I do? Helped move antiques. Real antiques. Lots and lots and lots of antiques. I'm sore. And did I mention tired? You think about those items that have been passed around over the years. Sold and bought to end up on a dusty shelf waiting for someone to come along and love it enough to take it home.

On a happier note...TGI Fridays has not been a favorite of mine...but I went Sat. night and they have excellent mojito's!!!! Yum! AND they have this new fried mac and cheese thing...OMG. Stay away! Fattening overload. I mean as if mac and cheese isn't artery clogging enough already? Lets FRY it! Yeah they are amazingly scrumptious.

So I didn't have time to check out all the knitting blogs today, but good news for the yarn harlot! Go check it out!

Welcome October! Fall is here (unless you are in TX)! People have started to decorate and at the store everyone has pumpkins in their baskets! I've got start getting my fall stuff out!