Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day Four and knitting pictures! promised here is at least ONE picture. It isn't great since it is inside...but it will have to do for now. I've left the camera out beside my purse so I'll remember to take it home tonight!

Is pretty no? I so love this yarn and it looks great in the My So called Scarf Pattern I think. I'm hoping this will be the scarf for my scarf buddy exchange...but it is a slow knit for me and I have to have it out by June 8th. So I'm still working on the Baby Alpaca Grande scarf (which knits very fast!) just in case I have to send it. I hope I get some real knitting time in soon so I can wrap these up. My fishtail lace scarf is calling to me but I refuse to pick it up until I finish one of these for my cool scarf buddy. I have to say I've had so much fun doing this exchange. I figured out who was making my scarf but that's ok because she is freaking hilarious and cracks me up! She is also about to take a trip to Ireland and I'm so jealous!

Now on to the healthy portion of our program:

DAY FOUR: Last night was hard because I was really tired and had a lot to get done. I slept great again but didn't exactly SPRING out of bed this morning. I only hit the snooze once or twice (compared to my usual NINE) but I would have liked to have stayed in bed a while longer today. I don't feel quite as sharp today and I'm not sure why. My breakfast shake really filled me up and I wasn't hungry by lunch time. So I had a snack of broth and put my lunch off until about 2:00. Today I had my chicken at lunch instead of dinner. I think this works better for me. I do feel better over all though, and I think my pants are not as snug in my lower stomach area today which is very cool :) After cooking last night I hope to stay out of the kitchen tonight and get in some knitting time.

Results and some observations: A little tired today...don't feel as sharp but still an improvement than before. So far (KNOCKING ON WOOD) I haven't had a headache or sinus pain since starting. My joints don't seem as stiff and achy as before, also, my eyes aren't puffy and swollen shut in the mornings. ALL good things!

So far no excruciating cravings for chocolate but I have craved the taste of something sweet. There is nothing that tastes sweet on this program except a few fruits. So I've tried to combat this with my banana and some fresh peaches in my shakes. This afternoon I have had an odd craving for coffee though. No idea why as I'm not a die hard coffee drinker or anything. I do love me some Starbucks but I mostly only drink it during the fall and winter.

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