Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day One

Day one of the program did not go well and it was my fault. For this reason I really am not considering it day one and will do the program for one extra day.

First mistake was that I stayed up WAY too late the night before. Also, even though I know not to drink any alcohol what so ever if I have a sinus infection...I did on Saturday night. So I was not feeling well to begin with and did not get to "prepare" everything on Saturday so therefore was behind. I attempted to make the shake and my blender would not work right. I was a bit timid making the vegetable broth as most of the veggies going into the pot I had never purchased before or cooked with. I should have taken a picture...my fridge was PACKED with green leafy veggies! (side note: Waco doesn't have a Whole foods or organic store. However two stores in town are attempting to carry a nice selection of foods, supplements, and such. They were very helpful for this poor clueless girl and her list).

By the evening I was starving (not having my ultrashake or anything else I could eat). I was cooking a generous pot of spaghetti for Mom. So for dinner I did have a small portion of spaghetti and salad.

The vitamin C I started taking certainly started working!

Results: By the end of the day I felt terrible and stressed and very weak. All my own fault and not the programs.

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