Monday, April 30, 2007

Garage Sales and Broken Underwires

Ya'll I'm dog tired and the underwires in both of the only bra's that fit me have broke. If that tells you anything.

It probably tells you my wardrobe is as neglected as my house at the moment.

I do believe we swore after the last garage sale we weren't doing this AGAIN. My Mother is a professional garage sale holder. There is none of this toss it out on the lawn unpriced stuff. Oh no! Every item is cleaned and priced. Everything is organized by kitchen/bath/clothes/shoes etc... However she has a very successful garage sale let me tell you!

I did not find a ton of stuff for the garage sale but I did manage to destroy my house today. AND I did not even touch the junk room. Only my bedroom and bath and closet. I also managed numerous loads of laundry, to organize my bathroom closet, throw away two big bags of trash, unearthed 4 cat toys, cleaned out under my bed and now that there is room Abby won't come out from under it. I did not organize my closet but I found the floor of it and now have piles of clothes every where waiting to be sorted. I hate spring cleaning and did I mention garage sales? I guess they are a necessary evil though considering I'm a pack rat. It is nice to organize things but you have to make such a mess in the process.

In a tub under my bed I found some braclets that I had to give out as prizes at my parties when I was a consultant for a certain home party company that has to do with living in the south :) Anyway they are those kind with the big silver beads and then charms on them. I love those bracelets...I've bought a lot of them. I just never wear them because they drive me nuts. ANYWAY I decided I would cut the charms off and make stitch markers from them. They are shoes and purses etc...I think they'll be cute.

I do believe I'm done for tonight. I didn't get nearly as much done as I had hoped but oh well. I haven't knit all weekend so I'm about to go park it.

p.s. I must be really tired. spell check went into a nervous twitch I misspelled so many words.

The Woolie Ewe and pics!

FINALLY getting to post my pictures of my Stash Enhancement Expedition!

First of all if you live in, around, or near Dallas and you haven't been to the Woolie Ewe...I highly recommend it! Woolie Ewe

Here is a glimpse of my purchases: BEHOLD THE YARNY GOODNESS

This Baby Alpaca Grande....OMGISOOOOOOSOFT!!!!!!!! it is just YUMMY!!!

This is just a sampling. The first pic shows all of it and the dpns I bought. When I walked into the store I did not faint. I may have drooled just a little bit. I did touch, feel, pet, squeeze, and read the labels on almost every kind of yarn in the store. I believe I was in there for over three hours! If had the money I would have filled my car with yarn let me tell ya!

I can't wait to go back!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

If the Cranky Pants Fit...Wear 'Em

Why is it that the best laid plans never seem to work out. Well, I really shouldn't say that...sometimes they don't work out but sometimes they do...just later than hoped for. Yes I'm rambling, I know.

I have a confession. I am a big old crankypants today. Ok, FINE I have been a big old crankypants all WEEK. This is for several reasons I think. I drove Mom to Dallas last Friday night to visit her sister. So I had two nights of not so good sleep there. We are having a garage sale in a couple of weeks and so my aunt cleaned out a bunch of stuff that I ended up loading and unloading several times. I arrived home Sunday afternoon and after another session of unloading and reloading I headed to my sisters house. Why? Well because we had to be up at the butt crack of dawn (4am) to go BE ON THE MORNING NEWS. I mean really who gets up at that horrible hour and goes and pretends to be all perky and happy and silly on TV. Well other than news anchor people. That is a special breed of people right there folks. We had a huge event for Habitat for Humanity Monday night and it was a lovely success! Very tiring though. So the long of it is that I'm run down and I haven't been exercising or eating very healthy. Also everyone is on my last nerve. It's me, I know it's me and not them...but still. I'm just in one of those "I wish everyone would go away and leave me the hell alone moods". I am about to loose my mind in this office. I have cabin fever or something. I just want to GO OUTSIDE! The sun is shining and I don't want to work (and yes I sound like a whiny 5 year old)!

Good things have happened in the last week or so and that makes me feel bad that I'm a cranky pants but it is what it is.

I did make my first ever visit to A REAL LIVE YARN STORE. Not a craft store!! OMG. There are almost no words...but I will post about it tonight...or tomorrow with pictures of my lovely lovely lovely yarn that I bought waytoomuchof!!!!!!!!! *SIGH* It is a very good thing I live 2 hours away from it.
Someone seems to be feeling better!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Alice and the White Rabbit

I feel like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I'm alternately the rabbit yelling LATE I'm LATE!!! AND I'm sometimes Alice, chasing that illusive little bugger thru wonderland trying to get...wherever.

The last month has been crazy busy. Work has been busy (which is a good thing). We have lot's of events and things going this month so free time has been not so much. I FEEL SO BEHIND on blogging! There has been lot's to tell. So to quickly bring things up to speed....


Yes the day before Easter, in APRIL, in TEXAS we had a lovely lovely lovely SNOW. I took lot's of pictures! Don't worry I'm not going to make you look at all of them heh. Blue Bonnets in the snow...don't see that very often. Lot's of jokes about hell freezing over that weekend let me tell ya!

There was last month's local knitting meet in Copperas Cove at Alice's house. FUN! Great ladies and great food and maybe a wee bit of yarn petting!

I participated in a stitch marker swap over at

These are my awesome stitch markers I got from my AWESOME new pal Melissa!

She sent Popcorn! and Mini Reese's and Life savers yummmm! I'm really enjoying the swaps. I've also joined a secret scarf exchange! My partner has emailed me and asked questions and is teasing me something terrible! It's so much fun!

This weekend I'm going to hit a "REAL" yarn store while we are in Dallas and pick up yarn for my pal's scarf.

While I have been running through wonderland like the mad hatter I have done a little knitting. I'm working on a My so called Scarf and ::drumroll please:::

My first true lace project!

More details soon!

Is that too may pictures? Well in the words of Alice "What is the use of a book, without pictures or conversations?"

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The one with the flood, depression, and BAXTER! has certainly been a wild several days around here. First off we have the great flood of 07 in which we ALMOST COULDN'T GET HOME PEOPLE! These pictures here...yeah that water...not usually there!

And then Friday night my cousin invited me over to his new house he just bought for dinner and MOJITO's (YUM)! And I played with this not so little guy right here:

A bundle of energy let me tell you! His name is Baxter and we had some slobbery fun!

Things have been stressful. Most of it boils down to money. Doesn't it always? Money for the new business, money when we start the new business, insurance problems etc...

That and I have realized that Lil Bit is sick. She is drinking lots and lots of water and doing things that I now see Ditto was doing when he first started getting sick. I know it is very likely that she has diabetes. We are heading to the vet to get tested Thursday. It takes about 3 or four days for the results to get back. I'm just worried sick. I honestly have no idea how I can afford shots for her but I will have to find away. I just can't bear losing another one of my kids so soon after Sully and Ditto. Ok...I'm getting teary so enough of that.

There is knitting fun to talk about but I just can't get excited about it right now.

If I look pitiful enough will you let me out?