Thursday, May 17, 2007

More Scarf Pictures and Thoughts

Well I just barely had any sun left by the time I got home last night but I took a few pictures anyway.
Here is the Baby Grande Alpaca scarf. I love this yarn but it does tend to "shed" a little bit so I have a feeling it won't wear to well with black. I like it...but like I said yesterday I don't love it.

And an extreme closeup of the My So Called Scarf

On my screen at least, it shows the colors pretty well. I forgot again (imagine that) to grab the tag at home so I could tell you the colorway.

A few notes from last night on how I felt...that would still be considered day four. Did not feel too well last night. A little achy as in flu type achy. I was sitting on the floor trying to get all of the stickers out of my dogs long hair and my muscles just hurt and cramped a little. I'm not sure if it's that I'm still low on potassium or if this is just part of all that bad stuff leaving my system? During my bath I skimmed through the book again and was reminded the author does say that you could have withdrawal like symptoms, flu like symptoms and other things. So I'm continuing on, will try and get some extra rest and take more potassium and drink extra water. I'll report on day 5 later.

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