Saturday, May 19, 2007

Day 6 AKA Deep Fried Temptation dipped in Ranch Dressing

Day Six

And I feel great! I can tell my jeans are not as snug today and overall I just feel lighter and just not so BLAH/HUGE/YUCKY pick one!

My next batch of veggie broth did not turn out as well and I'm struggling to force it down. I'm counting the days until I can stop the morning oil routine! Honestly it's the worst part of the program for me. My skin feels so soft and my nails feel stronger. In six days! Isn't that wild? However, by around 5 o'clock I started feeling a bit bloaty and puffy. No idea why as I had not eaten anything different than any other day. My jeans seemed tight and I was uncomfortable. Interestingly enough though I weighed when I got home and I had lost weight so I don't know what that was all about.

I Admit today I had...thoughts. I know you people think I'm nuts but I've really treated this like an experiment and have kept close tabs on how I was thinking and feeling the entire time. I have not had any cravings for any particular type of food. Today was a little harder though, because Friday nights are when my sister and I normally go out. We go to dinner and have a couple of drinks. It signals the end of the week. We look forward to it all week. At first I had made up my mind this week we just would not go eat. However we were out driving around looking at buildings (for our new business) and it was getting late. I wasn't very hungry and I decided we could go eat and I could order a plain grilled chicken breast and some veggies. So we did. As I said...I haven't craved any foods...but I crave the TASTE. Not everything I'm eating is flavorless and you can certainly add herbs and spices to add flavor but lets face it...healthy often doesn't taste as good. So I guess what I'm saying is I miss FLAVOR. You know us has to be fried, BBQ'd, or covered in some type of sauce that contains mayo or other zillion calorie things. Oh and probably dipped in Ranch Dressing! Dude I love me some Ranch Dressing. I've yes we went to a restaurant and I ordered lemon pepper grilled chicken with two sides of steamed broccoli. No salad since there wasn't a suitable dressing and I could only eat the lettuce anyway. My sister did have a salad though...and Lordy it looked good. It didn't help that this restaurant serves their dinner salads with a HUGE FLAKY croissant with honey drizzled over it. AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE HONEY lol. Anyway...while the ranch dressing and croissant looked good I didn't REALLY want it. I just kept telling myself I'd rather feel better and if I want to really see how I feel I need to go the whole 7 days.

RESULTS/THOUGHTS: This has really shown me that so much of my eating is "habit" and "event" driven. I felt cheated at first that we couldn't go out and have our usual Friday Night. We can...I just have to modify what I eat and drink. Since you need to eat every 3 hours on the program and my caloric intake has been much less this week when it's time to eat I feel the need to eat. Not because I'm "hungry" or just want to eat...because my body is telling me "Hey! I need some fuel!" Which is very cool not to be driven by outrageous cravings!

also I've discovered a slight allergy to black they are off the list!

anyone still awake?????

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