Tuesday, May 15, 2007

An unplugged Mothers day weekend

Belated Happy Mothers Day to everyone! I'm back online at home for the moment. The nice phone man did discover my problem. It's a little hard for the phone to work when all the wires (that run under your house) have been gnawed through! Yep!

My Plan for the past weekend was to stay home, hibernate, get ready to start the Ultrasimple program and cook dinner for Mom (and the family). I also planned NOT to answer my cell phone. Well before my phone service died I did get a message from my cousin asking me to come hear his band play Saturday night because it will be the last time they play for a long time (or ever). Three of the band members are expecting babies so they decided to take some time off. Not feeling well with a sinus infection I talked myself out of going. Then my OTHER cousin calls...needless to say I did end up going and had a blast. I took a disposable camera so if they pictures come out I'll try and post a couple.

Sunday I spent the day Sunday cooking my vegetable broth and such while also doing laundry and vacuuming up the massive amounts of hair the kiddos are shedding. Then cooked a big spaghetti dinner for Mom (her request), Dad and my sister. I've thought about doing a post about Mom but she would be horrified if I did lol. I'm still considering it though... lol

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