Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Actual FO's!!!

I have actual finished objects to show ya'll! Can you believe it?

Behold, the Seafoam Shawl from One Skein Wonders (finished but not blocked yet)

Thanks to my friend Deb for the picture assistance of holding it up for me.
Here is a close up that shows the color a little better. This shawl is for an exchange and will be getting mailed next week to its new home. Oh, and yes this is the shawl that was in my knitting bag that I made the EMT's put in the ambulance with me lol.

I've also cranked out a few of these little cell phone cozies also from One Skein Wonders

I have no idea why...I just decided I wanted to try one and it was done so fast so I started a second...and you get the picture.

I've started my first attempt at a purse/bag whatever you want to call it. Once there is a little more to it, I'll post pictures and the pattern etc...

Thanks for all the well wishes! I'm doing fine, still having a few headaches and some dizzy spells. The Doctor said that could last for up to six weeks so it's not anything I'm worried about. I do still have a knot on my head though lol.

I'll leave you with a picture of one of my house guests (Bonnie Bell). She looks a little unhappy here...I think it's because it was about a 200 degrees outside. Dixie doesn't sit still long enough for me to take a picture of her. I think they will probably be staying with me for at least another two weeks. Their Mama really misses them!

Ok...one more AWWW

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No Knitting on account of Mild Concussion

What is black and blue and green and red and sore all over? That would be me. I was in a car accident this past weekend and am quite colorful at the moment. I'm ok, I do have a mild concussion so I'm still fuzzy headed and often have a killer headache. My left arm is lovely shades of black and green bruises and a HUGE welt of red. In the ER they insisted on giving me a tetanus shot, which I have had a bad reaction to. I've had flu like symptoms and fever and my arm has been red, swollen and painful. This added to the soreness from being hit by a big ass Lincoln, not so much fun. Seriously the lady's car was a boat! I don't know many details because I never saw her. Just BAM and the car was spinning and I was holding my head trying to contain the explosion going on inside it. That whole seeing stars thing? No...it's more like a huge sunburst! Then afterwards the kind people who stopped to help wouldn't let me get out of my car so I didn't see any of the damage. Probably a good thing because I was knocked senseless for a bit. Then when I came to I promptly burst into tears because I was in MY MOTHERS CAR. Her car that she just paid off 3 months ago. Yeah.

What I can't get over is how NICE everyone was. The witnesses who stopped and helped me. The fireman, EMT's, and even the police officer. Because of the huge goose egg emerging on my head they insisted I put on a neck brace in case of a neck injury and strapped me to one of those flat boards. That was not pleasant and didn't help my nerves but the EMT's were so kind and tried so very hard to get me to calm down.

Only the knitters will appreciate this: They wouldn't let me gather up my stuff except hold my purse. However I wouldn't let the ambulance leave until they got my knitting bag out of the car! Now, they didn't KNOW it was a knitting bag but still. A shawl was in there that I've been working on and is almost done, I was not letting it out of my sight! :)

So I've been resting and haven't really wanted to knit. You KNOW I'm hurt if I don't want to knit. Plus being a little fuzzy and dizzy doesn't make for good knitting.

Everyone drive safe out there and for those in the emergency field: Fire fighters, EMT's, etc...YOU ROCK!! and thanks!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Just thought I would check in since I haven't posted in quite some time. Where have I been? I've been around and doing tons of knitting. Sadly I've frogged most of it but I have been knitting.

At the beginning of the month an old friend asked me to dog sit for her while she went out of town for a few days. She has never left her pup for more than 2 days and didn't want to board her. I love dogs, right? So sure! Annie is a cutie but let me tell you, this dog WORE ME OUT! Talk about energy.

After being gone for several days it was really nice to be back home. I think I was missed.

This is the cat who for at least FIVE years has had nothing to do with me. When I got home she followed me around meowing at me and when I sat down to catch up on email the stinker jumped up and plopped down on my keyboard. She even, in a very very rare moment of affection, stuck her head up under my chin and gave me a little nuzzle! I think someone has given me an Abby impostor!

Also, before you start to think I'm a bad mama and over feed this fat kitty...I do not. I feed her according to my vet, a weight loss food and carefully measured amounts. She is not loosing weight but we will be looking into switching food again soon. SIGH.

Well, it has been a crazy week in the mortgage biz...and I it doesn't look like it will be getting any better. I'm about to leave for the week though and drive my Mom up to Dallas. My aunt is in the hospital and isn't doing very well. They may be sending her home this weekend but really, I don't think she is going to be with us much longer. Her heart is very weak and they just had to shock it to get it back into rhythm again. I'm not looking forward to what is to come, but thankfully we've been able to keep her with us a couple of more years than anyone expected.

So have a good weekend! Hug your loved ones to ok?