Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas Y'all!

Well Christmas is upon us. Seems like it got here awfully quick. Things are very s l o w at the office so we've made up our party menu and Christmas dinner menu. We are having a get together Friday night at my sisters house. Hopefully we will have lots of people and good fun! Last year things got particularly crazy when people started rolling down the hill that is my sisters front lawn.

My aunt isn't doing very well though. She's back in the hospital in ICU. Her heart is only pumping at 20% and she's had a few blood clots in her legs. We know she probably will not be with us much longer and thats really hard. Of all her brothers and sisters, Mom is closest to this aunt. We also know that when she is gone my uncle will not last long in all probability. But we are trying to enjoy Christmas and family and be thankful for the time we have.

Over the past few months I've met and discovered some of the greatest people thru knitting blogs, knitting groups and such. Such warm nice people they are. Makes one thankful for the internet for making it possible to connect with people of the same interests.

Merry Christmas to all, and happy knitting too!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's all about the Merry and Bright BABY!!! this past Saturday I drove Mom up to Dallas to see her sister who has been very ill and in all reality will not be with us very much longer. She hates to ask us to drive her up there, but I knew she wanted to go check on my aunt so we bought a few goodies and presents and headed up there. I'm not going to go into the bad stuff and my rant on stubborn people or how sad the situation is, because people reading this have enough to deal with. AND this post is about MERRY and BRIGHT DAMMIT!

Ok, while there admiring their little Christmas tree that Mom and a friend had put up for them at Thanksgiving, I mentioned I wanted to get one of those cute trees. Then I went to run some errands for them and buy groceries and such. When I got back my uncle had pulled down a little 4 foot tree from the attic for me. It's just the cutest thing! In a red wicker basket and its VERY full, and has pine cones and berries in it. So, I've brought it to my office and it's half decorated and awaiting the finishing touches this afternoon.

This little tree is just what I needed to put the BRIGHT back in my attitude.

Gotta to do but remember it's ALL about the MERRY and BRIGHT BAYBEEEEE!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Stash Enhancement

Well my yarn stash has somehow multiplied in the last month. It's...growing rapidly! That is a wonderful and scary thing lol. And for someone who wasn't going to do any Christmas knitting...I suddenly find myself with several Christmas projects. Hmm...

Well and I did get a small Christmas tree and put it in my office. It's only half decorated but I'm getting there!

Well I'll write more soon...must break out the needles and get to stitchin!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree
How lovely are thy branches...

I so want a CHRISTMAS TREE, that I can hardly stand it!!!!!!

I can't afford one...well I could afford a small one, so lets rephrase that. I can't afford a big tree, ornaments, and lights. Also, it does seem a shame considering I'm not home all that much. However we have the office decorated SOO cute and all festive like that its almost depressing to go home to my undecorated house. Yes, I know the cats would probably trash it. I. WANT. A. TREE.

I want to be Merry and Bright Dammit!