Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Loose Ends in Life

We now return to our regularly scheduled program girls and boys and bloggers. Haven't posted in a while. Life happened. There were THINGS going on, and on top of that having my most number of closings in October since I've been processing. Of which I handled without breakdown, or going postal. Then things got worse. *sigh* I like to follow happy blogs. Funny bloggers. I tend to not to enjoy (as much) the sad depressing life sucks posts. So I've not blogged for that reason. I will just say that I lost my little buddy Ditto. My 15 yr old, sleeping and cuddling, man of the house gray kitty. Thats all I'm going to say because the tears they do start to flow.

On the knitting front this weekend was tying up loose ends weekend. I FINALLY put the fringe on my sisters scarf. Finshed the multi-colored long skinny scarf. Finished Mom's blue and gray scarf, and finished my wrist warmers! Whew! Couldn't use my right hand yesterday but I finished all that up! PLUS I went through my stash and organized. I also found out where all my needles were (all over the house stuck in various yarn swatches). I did this as my 21 yr old cousin was visiting and using my computer. I think he thought I was a bit nuts with all the yarn, but he very wisely didn't say anything lol. So I'm contemplating projects and patterns. I really want to do a shawl/wrap. A big lacy one done on big needles that doesn't take forever.

My sister is going out of town for the rest of the week so as of tomorrow night I'll be staying at her house to house and dog sit. No computer so I will hopefully get some knitting done! So I have to run and pack (and decide what yarn to take) and hit the sack. My head is pounding like a bass drum so I'm going to make it quick.

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