Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Well I had hoped to do a post about Thanksgiving and the things I'm thankful for. Haven't been near a computer until yesterday, and then I didn't feel the blogging muse. We did not have a traditional Thanksgiving this year. My aunt and uncle that live in Carrollton (a 2 hour drive from my house) have been in poor health the last year. There have been so many hospitalizations and such, and then they both just had pacemakers put in this month. Since work is slowing down Mom decided to go up and spend the week of Thanksgiving with them. Dad drove her up on the 17th and that night they had to take my aunt to the ER. After a few days of a drug induced coma and being on a respirator she has been moved out of ICU. Their two children are no longer living, and the only immediate family they have is a grandson and his wife. I will not go into my thoughts on THAT, but lets say they are not around. They are not of any help. Mom stayed at the house with my uncle driving him back and forth to the hospital for visiting hours, while their church family stayed in the ICU waiting room at all times for us. My sister and I arrived Thursday afternoon and headed to the hospital for the next visit. Joyce and Lois the two ladies that have "adopted" my aunt and uncle have spent every night there in the waiting room. We had never met them but heard about them at great lengths. They instant grabbed us both in hugs saying there is no "nice ta meetcha here, you give us a hug" lol great ladies! They are a hoot and such a blessing to my aunt and uncle.

It's a sad sad situation. They need constant care but refuse to go into assisted living. They moved into their daughters house before she passed away and so they have a house full of things that they can't keep up with and no longer want or need. The grandsons wife doesn't want any of it. I fear one day soon we will lose one of them and while I know its hard to face ones mortality they refuse to deal with the legalities of everything. My aunt does everything, while unconsious in the hospital we were at a loss trying to figure out the massive amounts of medicine for my uncle, how he can refill his prescriptions or get money from the bank. He knew nothing. They have endured so much losing both their daughter and son unexpectedly, that I can't imagine.

So no turkey or dressing (stuffing for some) or pie or fruit salad this year. But walking in to that hospital room before we left with my aunt sitting up and able to talk was enough to be thankful for.

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