Sunday, November 12, 2006

Its beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas? Sort of? Well after discussing it, my sister and I decided we would not have time over the Thanksgiving holiday to put up her tree and the office tree. Therefore yesterday we drug out the Christmas stuff and put up the tree. I wasn't feeling very Christmasy even though it was actually chilly yesterday and we even put on some Christmas cd's and lit the candles in the fireplace. This afternoon Home Alone was on tv and then....the animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas. ??? Already? Now that sounds silly because I myself have been watching Christmas movies for a couple of weeks now. However I'm strange and I do that when I'm depressed. And even though its actually getting somewhat close and its only a couple weeks to turkey day I feel less and less in the spirit. Hmmm...have to work on that. I haven't put up a tree in I didn't have one and two the cats (well Abby) being the little twit that she is would likely destroy it. I would like to try one this year...but I've lost my ornaments. So don't know if I will.

In Knitting News: I've started my first lacy wrap. I'm totally not going to have enough yarn but I'm determined to go as far as I can. I also bought some Lion Brand microfiber in black and white and I'm going to do a black and white scarf. I'm using circulars for the first time on the wrap...its really taking some getting use to. The short needles and the really slippery yarn is giving my thumb quite the workout that I'm sure I'll pay for tomorrow. I've spent day being totally and completely lazy save for some knitting and looking at knitting patterns. Oh and ebay..I'm watching an auction of red knitting needles that I so want. I collect red (mostly antique kitchen stuff) stuff for my kitchen and I want to put the needles in a vase.

There was also a nap with the kitties. Who were OVERLY happy to see me last night when I got home after being away since Tuesday. Well I'm going to decide whether or not to bid on the needles and then settle down with some coffee to knit until I get sleepy.

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