Wednesday, October 25, 2006

All tangled up in my yarn

So...the title of my post. Yes my yarn is tangled. The fuzzy yarn bee yarn of moms scarf. I just don't have the energy to tackle it tonight. I feel tangled up in my metaphorical yarn these days. Having a freakishly busy month is...I don't even know. Insane? yes. Nuts? yes. Chaotic? oh yea! How am I handlig it? so far so good. There was chocolate consumed today though. And halloween candy. dots. tootsie rolls. Shut up the stress burns off the calories. Do to.

Oh and I started some arm warmers/wristlets. I'm not entirely sure why. The urge hit Saturday and I spent a good deal of the day searching through patterns and decided on THE simplest one I found lol. I've already frogged it once though. Saturday night my bestest friend Rhonda took me to dinner for my Birthday. We were gonna go somewhere "nice" but it was Baylor homecoming therefore there were about an extra million people in Waco. So we ended up at Pappa Rollo's pizza. O.M.G. I try not to eat pizza and do so rarely. BUT if you are ever in waco and you love pizza? Go! Even if you just like pizza go because its a cool place. Lots of history there folks. Then a stop at starbucks for a peppermint mocha and back to her house to sit on her back porch with a fire and my knitting. AHHHH it was lovely. PLUS I got halfway through with uh another scarf. I've GOT to get a camera...*sigh*

ok off to bed with me, tomorrow is another day to tackle!


Lisa said...

Hey there. I googled "knitters in waco" and found your blog. I live in McGregor, but close enough to come to Waco. I've been wanting to meet/get together with other knitters in the area. Do you know of any groups or meetings?

Lisa, the McGregor KnitWit

Knitting and Chocolate are better than zoloft! said...

Hi Lisa! I don't know of any groups really but I've been on the hunt for one myself. Recently there was an article in the paper about some ladies (I think about 4 of them) who meet at the Barnes and Noble on Thursday night. I don't know if I have the nerve to just take my knitting and go plop down with them! I so would love to have a local group! Maybe if we work together we can find some knitters and get a group going? Email me if you are interested, it won't let me click on your page or give me any contact info :)

Knitting and Chocolate are better than zoloft! said...

Hi Lisa! If you read this send me an email, I have found some local knitters! yea!!