Tuesday, November 14, 2006

unhappy knitting

The knitting is going not so well. The SWS scarf looks all wonky and is going to be frogged as soon as I work up to it. The black and white scarf does not look like the picture in my head. I'm going to try smaller needles to see if it improves and if not I think I'm going to need different yarn. The wrap? Do you hear the wail of despair? I didn't work on it last night when I got home but decided I needed to do at least one row on it before bed. So I settled on the bed in my PJ's and started. Lil Bit made herself comfy in my lap after giving me the evil look because I wouldn't lay down so that she could lay on top of me (as she prefers). All was fine until her stubborn streak came out and she turned in my lap trying to put her head right through the middle of my circular needles....and unraveling several stitches. Now on normal yarn with a normal pattern, no prob. I can pick up the stitches. This slippery stuff in a lace pattern? I don't think I'll be able to. I tried...and it took 5 minutes to try and pick up 3 stitches because I couldn't get a good hold on the needles and that damn slippery yarn. I did my best and finished the row. There is a hole there still and I can't tell where the dropped stitches are. I'll try and make it look not too bad and pick them up on the next go round. I knew I would have to be very careful with this because I seriously doubt the yarn would survive frogging. It would get tangled. So...what to do what to do. I just can't get my knitting grove on! :(

Does this look like the face of a cat who could unravel my first lace wrap?

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