Thursday, November 30, 2006

Its the little things

Cold weather
big pot of soup simmering in the kitchen all day (ok kitchen at the office but still)
Hot apple cider
sneaking shortbread cookies
putting the finishing touches on the office decorations
big comfy flannel pj pants
warm fuzzy socks
ARM WARMERS (hand knit I might add)
Lady curled in her bed looking at me like "would you turn the damn heat up already"
The cats running wild cuz they dig the cold weather too
Hot tea (yeah I know its a wonder I'm not running to the bathroom with all the hot drinks going on)

And last but not least...The Nutcracker. Thats right...years ago...I think around 1985 or so I watched a version of the Nutcracker ballet on PBS, that was introduced by Tony Randall and narrated by....I can't remember her name. I LOVED it. I of course taped it and proceeded to wear that tape OUT. I've watched other productions of the nutcracker but I LOVED this one. The others not so much. Before there was g o o g le I surfed the net far and wide to find this version. I found out the dancers were from the Pacific Northwest Ballet. I wrote PBS, I wrote the Pacific Northwest Ballet to see if a copy could be purchased. Mind you this was YEARS later. It was no longer for sale, being produced or available. I was crushed. However every year I get the bug and look again...just KNOWING someone is gonna put it on ebay eventually. I've found other people on the internet searching for the same production. Lo I have at last found it. At no less, previously used, and sold by a third party or something, but I FOUND IT. And yes I did BUY it. It arrived today. I cannot tell you the joy this used VHS tape in my mailbox brought me.

Now does anyone know how I can get it put on a dvd? :)

I'm off to get warm and snuggle in my bed with the cats and watch NUTCRACKER The Motion Picture.

Is it wrong that I'm wishing for a snow day so that I can stay home, and KNIT?


Claudine said...

Hi! How funny--today my mom asked me if I could find my dad and her a copy of this version of the Nutcracker (the one they saw years ago with Tony Randall on PBS) and I was having a devil of a time till I saw your post. So is the version titled "Nutcracker: The Motion Picture" the same one? I'd appreciate it if you were able to confirm for me since I know you know what I'm talking about! Thanks! (Love your kitties...)

Knitting and Chocolate are better than zoloft! said...

Hi Claudine! Yes it is, but there are a couple by the same name. You want to look for this one:

Nutcracker, the Motion Picture (1984)
Actors: Pacific Northwest Ballet
Directors: Carroll Ballard
Producers: Williard Carroll, Donald Kushner, Peter Locke, Thomas L. Wilhite

It won't have the Tony Randall part as he was just doing the introduction for pbs but this is the same one. I'm so glad I found it! It's wonderful! It is pretty pricey for used vhs but for me it was worth it!

I hope your parents enjoy it!

Claudine said...

Thanks so much for the help--I really appreciate it. You have to love the internet. I would have been looking forever without your assistance... Have a great Christmas from one knitting pet-owner to another!

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I too adore that version of The Nutcracker and am in search of it as well. If you find out were a DVD version can be purchased, please post it. I am SICK for a copy of this -- especially since my four year old is now into ballet. I would love to share my joy of this with her. Oh, and if you have a BJ's wholesale near you, they can transfer VHS to DVD for a really good price.

Thanks for the info in the above comment. I'm going to search right now. and good luck.

Dawn T. in Maine.

Anonymous said...

I saw your comment on the Tony Randall Nutcracker commentary. Is this the same one where he tells us that the ballet was done and than the music was commissioned to match the dance. I have been searching for this performance because it is the only Nutcraker performance I have ever seen where the dancers and music are actually synchronized. Thanks for the feedback.

Sugar Britches Knits! said...

Dear anonymous,

you didn't leave an email addy so hopefully you will see this.

Yes I believe this is the version you are thinking of. If it was narrated by Tony Randall this is it, and he does say something about the music. I have seen many many versions of the nutcracker and this is by far the best and I love it!

Anonymous said...

For the last few Christmas' my mom goes on and on about this version of the nutcracker. I've never seen it but by moms review it must be great. I googled "tony randall nutcracker" and found your blog. I got on and found it ordered it! Hope to get it before Christmas. My mom will be very very happy! THANKS have a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I almost started crying when I saw that you have posted this information. I have been looking for it for so long now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Have a great holliday
Robin L. Miller