Wednesday, November 08, 2006

If its not one thing its 40

This is what my mother said yesterday morning upon getting into the car. I live next door to the parents so Mom and I carpool at least 4 days out of the week. Next door might be deceiving, there is land between us. Don't ask how much I'm horrible at that. Maybe a little less than a football field? I dunno, I have 2 acres fenced off for my little home sweet home and Mom and Dad live on 18 acres. I've digressed eh? lol AnyWAY tonight is bunko night and its my turn to host. I'm having it at my sisters as she lives in town and I don't and she has more room. So last night I had to make a trip to the grocery store. Let me just say this. I am so not loving the grocery store. In fact, I've started to loathe the big super duper we carry everything including products from all nations AND have started making thier own version of everything stores. So I'm looking for crackers. Saltine crackers. Something most stores have an ample supply of. Two boxes of low fat crackers was IT. Then I notice a box on the floor that is open and inside are crackers! The store brand. Ok, well whatever. So I toss them in the basket and keep on down the aisle dodging kids. Next the canned veggie aisle. There was a woman who was PARKED in front of most of the canned veggies and she was digging through every can of green beans. She loads her cart with a box full and moves down a foot to start the same thing with the corn. She had 3 boys with her probably ages 9 to 13 who were wrestling, kicking, chasing and generally almost knocking over everyone in the entire row. The woman kept diligently digging through cans blocking about 5 people from getting what they need and moving on. Why is this? Why don't people have ANY regard for others any more? Also why do people not make thier children behave? There was a boy running break neck speed through the entire store and literally almost knocked my mother on her butt if she hadn't hung on to the basket. Its terrifying that no control is being exercised in this world. So between that and the large stocking machine that goes BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP sitting in the middle of the store splitting my ears my nerves were shot by the time we left. BUT before I could leave I had to get diet coke. These bunko ladies will get some irritable if they don't have their diet coke. There were about 15 two liters left...all pushed to the back of the shelf where you could not reach them even if you stepped on the shelf below. Oh but you could easily reach the store brand knock off of diet coke. See a pattern here? Hmmmm....ok there is more but I'll stop my grocery store rant at that. They closed the Albertson's which was yes higher priced but so much less crowded and noisy. One of the many reasons I avoid buying groceries. We will touch on the "overwhelming choices" rant another day.

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