Friday, November 17, 2006

Holiday Limbo

Let it be said that I am fully aware I need help. Conversation with myself to follow. Don't let it scare you...all the people on my planet talk to themselves.

True Natural Holiday Loving Self, hence forward known as Nerdself
Pessimistic, cautious, more reality based self, hence forward known as Brain.

Nerdself: OK OK ITS HERE! It's time to START the festivities!!! The Holiday Season has COMMENCED!

Brain: Huh? Has it? Are you sure? I mean really sure? I don't think it is, the Holidays are still a long way off.

Nerdself: NO NO it really is! Thanksgiving is next week! That Dallas radio station has started the 24 hour Christmas music!

Brain: Yeah but they do that crap early! They've had Christmas decorations out since July man! I really don't think its time to Commence the Holiday Glee just yet.

Nerdself: DUDE your MOTHER who has not decorated for Christmas in 10 years bought a basketful of decorations for her desk and the ledge around her "area". YOUR MOM!!! Your SISTER put up her Christmas tree before turkey day! That is like...snowballs in hell or somethin! Admit it!

Brain: Ok, yes you are right about Mom and Sis. I'm just not sure its safe to let go. I mean I've spent over a month forcefully holding back "The Holiday Glee" because it just wasn't TIME yet. Its early know you have to control yourself scare folks.

Nerdself: Fa La La La Laaaaa! I know you think you are fooling people by just listening to a few Trans-Siberian Orchestra songs while you were making that "Mix" Christmas cd but you know you totally wanted to listen to the whole thing! Look at the shiny mini trees all over the ledge of your Mom's area! They are caaaaallling to you.

Ok, aside from the fact I need serious help, does anyone else feel this way? It's like WAIT FOR IT....wait for it....wait for it....Ok NOW go forth with the Holiday Glee! Then you kinda aren't in the mood any more? I'm just sayin. I know it will come back but I'm not feeling very Holiday-ish but does that count cuz its not exactly the Holiday-ish time yet? Yes I do believe my brain is over thinking this one. I'm going to go put on a little Fats Domino Christmas (don't laugh, its the BEST. TOE TAPPING. Christmas cd EVER!

p.s. I did buy red yarn last night. Hobby Lobby is have an S.A.L.E! Yay!

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