Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Its official. Everyone knew it was coming. It was just a matter of time. Britney and K-Fed are not going to live happily ever after. Oh the heartbreak.

I mean really. I open my google homepage and there are FOUR news headlines with Britney & Kevin watch: The day after. Are you kidding me? No No this one is even better

FULL COVERAGE: Britney & Kevin's split. Full coverage? of WHAT??????

Ok, I will admit I do a little celeb reading occasionally on People. While I mostly like thier photo section (because every few days that usually have a picture of Matthew McConaughey usually shirtless on on a beach)such as this,26335,1552390_9,00.html

But am I the only one sick of seeing headlines about Britney, where Lindsey is partying, TomKat, or Madonna? I assume people really care and do read it since they keep publishing it. It's not that I'm not for a little escapism myself...but it just gets NAUSEATING. If it makes you queasy as well....look here,26335,1546577_6,00.html this will make you all warm and fuzzy again hehe. Yes double standards, hate me if you will but he is yummy and he loves his dogs. Nuff said.

Ok, I'm trying to figure out if the links don't show up to Matthew please forgive me.

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