Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Yarny Goodness with pics

Ok, I've been a bad blogger. Wow it's been a while since I've posted! It isn't because I've been super busy or that nothing is going on...I think it's mostly because some things are happening that I can't really talk about. Not that anyone reads regularly (yet) but you never know. I think I've mentioned before that we are looking to start up a new business...we are getting closer. I think. It's tough...lots to weigh and consider. It is oh so exciting and scary at the same time.

So what has been happening in my world:

I've been watching the Dallas Mavericks kick ass! Before you start thinking I'm all into sports..no just the Mavs.

I brought the camera home again this weekend so I actually have pictures!

Behold the lace weight yarn I bought on Ebay. I luvs it. I've pet it and swatched a bit with the pink. The pink is Jaggerspun Zepher in the Dianthus color way. The Blue is Yarn Country Ice. The green is unknown. I got two balls of the pink and green. No idea what I'm going to do with it.

This is my first Lace weight. I spent the weekend searching lace patterns. I printed out a stack to go through to find one I can do. I have been practicing new stitches and such and have learned a few more things .
And here is my purple throw that I did on the bad ass US size 50 needles. It took only a few minutes to get over the awkwardness of the HUGE needles. I LOVED THEM. If my shoulder would have held up I would have finished it in two days. I held 5 strands of JoAnns sensation boucle (I think that's it...it's the one that comes in the HUGE balls). It is so soft and cozy!

Here is my dish cloth I received from Danielle in the dish cloth swap on my Lone Star Knitting group. She also sent some Party Lite tea lite candles. They smell yummy! I sadly did not take a picture of the one I knitted for her. It was of a fish and I sent lots of chocolate!

And finally I leave you with furry cuteness. I didn't notice how cold it had become in the house. Abby and Lil Bit aren't usually all cuddly like this. I looked at the temp and it was about 59 degrees. So I took advantage of the cuddling to snap some pics of them.

Tell me how cute is this paw??

Last and my favorite if I do say so myself. Miz Lil Bit...her highness. Silently commanding me to fetch her fresh water and some of that fancy canned food.

Tomorrow pics of stash and my knitting spot! Gotta go cheer the Mavs on!

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