Friday, March 23, 2007

Eavesdropping at the movie rental place

Conversations over heard in at the movie rental store.

Woman: Hey look, there is Snakes on a Plane! I wonder what it's about?

( here is where to myself in the span of SECONDS I thought: No she did not just ask that, is she serious? Oh he is going to have some really smart ass answer!)

Man: Snakes. On a plane. Just as serious and straight faced as can be.

He didn't even add HERE'S YOUR SIGN! or a DUH! to the end. Good man.

but you have to wonder...I mean seriously?

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Miss Knotty said...

Thanks for dropping a line at my blog :). Your fur people are really cute, and that frog is way too cute - where'd you get your beads?

Regina in Dallas (from LSSK)