Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Forecast: Good chance of storms

googles weather for Waco, TX today
73°F Overcast Wind: E at 6 mph Humidity: 64% Thunderstorms

Yep I'd say that was pretty dead on today. Looks like the stormy season is upon us. So. Thrilled.

This was Sunday when the storms were blowing in

It brought a MUCH needed rain and I am thankful for that! So are my trees! However this gloomy weather outside my window is making me want to go home and curl up and knit or read. My wrist is protesting so I haven't been knitting much and I'm wearing the dreaded brace. The upside is I've been reading Kim Harrison's Every Which Way But Dead since I can't knit. Awesome so far! I do believe I'm enjoying it more than the first two in the series. If you haven't read her books and I recommend them! http://www.kimharrison.net/

Ok now I gotta get back to work! (insert heavy sigh here)

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