Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring Cleaning

I've been thinking about doing a little spring cleaning for the last couple weeks. Notice the THINKING about and not doing. Well Erika over at Red Shirt Knitting has the same idea. Go over and check out her strategy!

The idea of spring cleaning gets a little overwhelming since I'm not home that much and most projects take a whole weekend at least to do. However, it needs to be done and it is very likely that by summer time I will have even LESS time. Plus the family is planning to have a garage sale in May so I need to get rid of some stuff!

So I've come up with a plan to break it up and help it not be so overwhelming. I’m going to break it up into small tasks. For example the idea of cleaning my whole bathroom (it is very large) makes my back hurt just thinking about it. So I will break it down by doing the closet (trust me a 2 hour project there) one day and then the cleaning scrubbing part the next day. See? Makes me feel better already!

Ok so here is my list I'm drawing up by room and I'm also going from one end of the house to the other.

Spring Cleaning To Do List:

My bathroom:
1. Clean out and organize closet. Get rid of unnecessary bathroom clutter including extra towels I don't need.
2. Scrub down tub, shower, sink, toilet, and mop floor.

1. Clean out and reorganize dresser and night stand.
2. Wash all curtains, bed clothes, dust ceiling fan and vacuum floor.
3. Clean out under bed and hang picture, and clean out reorganize closet

Washer/Dryer area
1. Reorganize cabinet above washer/dryer and clean off dryer (it is right inside my back door so it tends to collect junk).
2. Optional but I would like to put up a shelf above dryer and hang a curtain in front of the washer dryer to hide it as it is not in its own little room

1. Remove everything from counter tops and clean.
2. Dust bakers rack and top of fridge and clean out under sink. Get rid of any cleaners or things I haven't used.
3. Clean out pots and pans that I don't need and reorganize under cabinets.
4. Clean inside and out the oven and fridge
5. Mop floor

Desk: (It's not really a desk but serves as one. It's actually an antique possum belly table loll everyone who has never heard of that raise your hand!)
1. Clean off desk and clean out drawers.
2. File all paperwork and bills
3. Clean and old english desk.

Living Room:

1.Dust all shelves and knick knacks
2. Clean out book shelves of any books to get rid of and go thru movies to see if any can be sold.
3 Wash curtains and vacuum furniture mop floor
4. Organize yarn stash and cedar chest.

Cat's Bathroom
1. Clean out under sink and closet.
2. Wipe down counters, tub, and mop floor.

Spare Bedroom
1. Put away Christmas decorations that are piled on bed.
2. Wash all bed clothes and curtains and vacuum
3. Dust shelves and hang mirror and picture.
4. Check under bed, in craft dresser and in closet for anything to get rid of.

Front Porch and Carport
1. Clean off empty plant holders and sweep porch
2. Clean out storage shed under car port
3. Optional- I would like to sand down the rocker on the porch and paint it

Now obviously some of those I can do on the same day and I will. However it helps by breaking it down into manageable portions. That way if I don't have a lot of time that day I can do one of the smaller projects. Now for today I've already done my chores so I'm off to plop my rear on the couch and rest for what little is left of my weekend.

I'll get pictures this week of some of my trouble area's I'm going to tackle!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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