Thursday, October 19, 2006


I've meant to post the last few nights. *SIGH* Work is kicking my butt and there is just nothing left of my mind by the time I drag myself home. I have been knitting. I've started a scarf for Mom with some yarn bee yarn that she picked out. Which just so happened to be the exact same yarn I just made a scarf out of for my sister (that she picked out). So yeah they picked out the same yarn, months apart without knowing it. My sister wanted a very wide and very long scarf so it took me quite a while and I'm not to excited about doing it again. I like the yarn, its so soft and fuzzy and yummy you just want to wrap it around you. It can be difficult to knit with though. Once you get in a rhythm its not bad. However Mom doesn't want a wide one, she just picked it out because it goes with all of her navy blue clothes. I have been practicing stitches though. A new one every night! I'll be able to tackle that sock again before long!

It is finally starting to feel like fall though! YEA!!!! *doing a tired happy dance* I actually got to WEAR a scarf this morning. Back up to 78 tomorrow though. Hopefully it will stay cool soon. The animals are LOVING it. Lady won't even come in side she's enjoying it so much and the cats are P L A Y F U L! Well...that may be an understatment. Abby just slid from one end of the house to the other lol.

I hear the Texas knitters get together in Austin last weekend was a hit. I so hope they do it again soon so I can go! Well I'm going to crawl into bed and work on Mom's scarf. "Bringing up Baby" is on TCM...don't ya just love Cary Grant? *G*

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