Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I did it

Today I was checking out a knit blog and the referenced http://katherinemisegades.wordpress.com/ as a sock tutorial

Katherine is doing a sock tutorial knit along. She has assured blogland that even if you have never knit socks before and are a beginner you can do this. That I can do this. She said so. She seems sure. I am not so sure. I did print out the pattern and lesson one. Then I skipped on over to the store. Yep I did. DPN's. BOUGHT THEM. OMG they are so freaking TINY. I mean you are looking (well you know what I mean) at the girl who as 4 pairs of 9.5mm needles. I LIKE big needles. They don't aggrevate my thumb and things knit up faster. I have cast on the 55sts. I know you people knit socks. Do you KNOW how tiny these things are? I'm so gonna lose them.

The next problem is yarn. I don't know a hill of beans about yarn. All this pretty wool you see on other peoples blogs? My LYS don't have that. They have cool yarn. Pretty fuzzy fun yarn. Regular yarn. I don't know what sock yarn is! Yes I know you are shaking your head and smiling at me bemused. Thinking poor girl doesn't have a clue. You would be right.

I did find some Lion Brand that had one of those nifty pics on the band of socks and it says something like hey you can make socks with this. Yeah. Lets cross our fingers for Katherine and Lion yarn!

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