Thursday, October 12, 2006

Don't knit angry boys and girls

So yeah...knitting in anger can cause your gauge to get really screwed up lol HOWEVER it does calm you down. Rather quickly too...what is it about that repetitive rhythm that is just so soothing? Dunno but I'm almost done with the Birthday scarf for Saturday! Pretty colors...but I just can't get in love with boucle yarn. I don't know why? I just have a hard time with it and I can't use steel I had to frog it 3 times before switching to plastic needles and it was better.

Having a sucky week. My air conditioner went out and considering even though its almost mid Oct. it is still 80+ here in Tx so I need my a/c. I never run my heat regardless but I need my a/c. I'm not going to mention here how much its going to cost me. I. DONT. WANT. TO. THINK. ABOUT IT! seriously depressing. There goes my trip to Austin Saturday to meet Stalker Angie and the other TX knit bloggers.

:( not a happy camper

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