Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fair and Rodeo and stuffs

Here in the big city of Waco it is time for the fair and rodeo. A big to-do around here. I haven't gone in YEARS. However it is across the street from where I now work. AND I, working here on a Saturday, have watched hundreds and hundreds of people going to and fro.

Why am I working on a Saturday? Because Oct (normally a slow month)suddenly has EXPLODED. We are possibly going to have our biggest month ever. Stressed? Me? Naw!

I didn't do ALL work today...I found some new knitting blogs heh. It's like the dark side. I would be over there working a file and the computer is saying...but you didn't finish looking at that new site you found!

Sheesh! I need help. But I gotta get back and wrap it up. Oh and in knitting news...the socks? not so good. I have started a scarf for a Birthday present...uh next saturday. Don't's on BIG needles hehe

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