Monday, July 09, 2007

Peachy Keen Jelly Bean!

A rather heavy burden for a tiny tree no?

However they weren't nearly ripe enough to pick, so I left them a while longer. Then in passing my living room window I notice a cute little squirrel. Scooter scampers up into my peach tree and RIPS OFF a small limb peach and all and runs to a bigger tree to eat his prize.

Hmmm. A few hours later I see him running across the yard again with a large peach in his mouth. Now a peach here and a pear there is ok. I don't mind sharing at all. Seems to me this little stinker is getting a little too greedy though. So out I go and picked two large bowls of peaches.

Way more peaches than I expected this year since there are only two peach trees left. The rest died last year and were pulled up.

So I've been giving them away as fast as I can and last night I peeled as many as I could and bagged them up to freeze them. It doesn't look like my pears are going to make it this year. They look very sad indeed since there are NO LEAVES on the tree what so ever. Too much rain this year (which I am NOT complaining about).

The really cool part are the butterflies! There are butterflies EVERY where around the tree. Many in the tree nibbling on the peaches that have already been nibbled on by other bugs and such. They just dance and flutter all around me when I'm out there picking peaches. Very cool!

peach cobbler anyone?

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Melissa said...

Oh yum! Enjoy!