Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ah the sounds of summer

Outside frogs and crickets, inside the air conditioner and hairballs. Yes, it is gross but for cat owners a reality.

Meanwhile...back at the house of cat hair, we are hiding inside staying cool. My Mother, ever the optimist (that was heavy sarcasm there for those that don't know my Mother) walked down the hall of the office on Friday and proclaimed "Good News! The rain is gone but now we are screwed because it's going to be hotter 'n hell!" Which oddly is about only the third time in my life my Mother has used the word "screwed". It is just as well that is hot today. It will dry things out a bit which is greatly needed. Also it appears no one is feeling in tip top shape so we might as well stay inside. Well, ok Abby is feeling fine and letting us all know it. The rest of us...not so much. Lil Bit has had some hair ball issues so she is feeling extra cuddly today and that is fine with me. Lady isn't feeling well from her second round of heart worm treatment so we've all already had a nap today.

Yesterday I had to go to one of those pet food places where it's ok to bring your pets in. I swear there were no less than 15 people in there with new puppies. PUPPIES! I swear the puppy fever came back with a vengeance. I just keep telling myself...can't afford it, can't afford it. I still have a $600 vet bill for Lady, so there is no way I can afford a puppy. Sigh. So no puppy but I can dream about soft wiggly furballs full of energy with cold noses that like to snuggle up and sleep with you.

Meanwhile I'm seriously thinking of going back to bed to curl up with said furballs. Especially since it appears we are about to have a storm. Guess Mom was wrong about the rain lol.

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday afternoon!

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