Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Loose Ends...

I have been feeling...at loose ends lately. Restless. At least, that is the best way to describe it that I can think of. When I'm home I flip through books but can't settle down to read (Deathly Hallows was the exception). I channel surf and find nothing interesting. I've stood looking at my movie collection hoping something will jump out and interest me so I can at least listen to it while I knit. I sit down to knit and...well I think you probably get the picture.

Sadly...I'm the same way at work.

Do you ever feel like this? I can't pinpoint any particular reason why I should be feeling this way. Usually when this happens it's winter and dreary and I kinda blame it on that.

Hmmm....anyone got a cure for an unexpected case of apathy?


She sure is strange! said...

A walk around the block? A dip in the pool? Some really good nachos? These things help me get out of a rut. That being said, I have a pile of laundry on the love seat that's been there for two days. Rut? No BLOGS! I *am* addicted. Just found yours from your post to CAP. I'm also a Texan, from Longview. And my oldest dd is an Amy too. Nice to "meetcha"!


Karen said...

Hey babe - Yes, I feel like this a LOT. I think it's just getting stuck doing the same thing every day and not getting a break. You know, those thing they call "vacations"...yeah, totally novel term. ;-) Sometimes you just need to get away from your life for a few days and you'll feel better. Promise. Cross my heart.