Wednesday, January 31, 2007

By Golly She Does Knit!

PICTURES! Yea! Behold the scarf in Patons SWS in plain old exciting knit stitch! I. LOVE. THIS. SCARF. I could pet it all day! It's fluffy and sproingy and oh so soft...except it is just scratchy enough to bother my neck a bit but I LOVE IT.

Below is a scarf I did on the plane ride back from VA. I do not have the ballband so I don't know what yarn it is...I do believe it was a JoAnns Sensation yarn I got for Christmas. This will probably be gifted to a loving home.

I brought the office digital camera home over the weekend and snapped a few pic's before the sun went away again. We really can't seem to figure this camera out (as we have of course lost the book). So I'm winging it with the settings on the camera and how to use it.

I FINALLY finished Grayson's baby blanket and just in time, he arrived yesterday! A big 9 lbs! The blanket did not come out so good. It's not quite...square lol but oh well. For my first blanket it will do. It is super warm and soft and snuggly though!

These were taken at the office so the lighting isn't that great. This is it not quiet finished. I don't have finished pics on my home computer of the finished product.

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