Thursday, January 11, 2007

2007 Are You Ready to RUMBLE?

(sorry went to a hockey game the other night *L*)

January 11th. Already! We are halfway through January people!! sheesh...

All over the blogosphere people are doing joining exercise alongs and knit alongs. I've done nothing. Nada. And you know what? It's been nice. I can't continue to do nada but it has been nice indeed. I did not make resolutions or non-resolutions or goals or anything. I do have in my mind a few things I would like to put on the agenda for 2007.

1. I live very "lean". Meaning not many extra frivolous things. My Mother would disagree, but compared to 10 years ago I live L E A N. I do have cable now and I do have the extra package on my phone so that I can text message and all that jazz. I do buy a little too much yarn now and then. I don't go book shopping any more except on the occasion I'm in Carrollton and I go to the half price store. If a book comes out by one of my authors I read I go pick up the book and leave as quickly as possible. I'm such a book ho! I could spend HOURS (and have) in bookstores and I own more books than I can read in the next 3 years so I've been on a book diet for years now. No more candles and bath and body stuff. I stay out of those stores too! I do not buy every movie when it comes out on DVD...I have to really REALLY want it and I still look for sales. All this rambling to say that...I've got to cut it back again. LEAN and MEAN! Less impulse yarn, less cafe mocha which breaks my heart, less eating out and less everything in general.

2. Health. It's not about weight or even feeling better at this point. Things are going to be happening and my life is about to become more...physical if you will. Besides being over weight and out of shape, my back and knees are crap and I'm about to be in serious trouble because soon my income will depend on me being more active. I'm hoping this will be the... catalyst if you will, to put me on a path of being healthier. Moving more, eating better, cutting out the little caffeine I do have, and strengthening my body.

3. Me! 2006 was the personal growth and development department I think I progressed nicely. I've become a little more out spoken and assertive this year with my family. They did not enjoy this at all. I want to continue on this road and say "NO" more and stick to it. It is especially hard when you work with family. Your brain sometimes can't switch back and forth from the family issues to work issues. I want to get the hang of it though and hopefully get my family used to me saying no...taking me seriously, and not being a "keeper" for people. Also in this category I want to plan more fun, try more things, take care of me and my time. Which means getting in plenty of knitting time, and reading a little more this year.

4. The knitters are also making knitting resolutions. There are a few things I'd like to try this year. I want to conquer dpn's, learn to make socks and hats (knitting in the round), and meet up with some local knitters. I also want to journal and photo my knitting more and keep track of progress.

Seems like there should be 5 at least....but that is it for now.

Good luck to everyone in 2007!!

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