Thursday, January 25, 2007


So if you've ever worked in the mortgage business for an extended amount of time you will relate to this post. Also if have spent time in the business and you are not an alcoholic congratulations! I just have to say...OH SWEET HEAVEN I WANT TO HURT SOMEONE. There are 31 days in January people. THIRTY-ONE. So please tell me why for the love of yarn does everyone insist on closing in the same THREE days. Yes part of it is just me being a miss cranky pants today but the other part of it is people are seriously insane. There have been problems on almost every file that is closing and rushes and issues and did I mention problems? I seriously need to knit something. Or drink. Or both! We have one customer right now (that is not even closing in the next 3 days but in well over a week) who is a very nice man for all intents and purposes. He is just ahem...older, and finicky, and oh so very very very anal. And I'm usually very good at my customer service and can deal with most everyone. Old cranky guys get on my nerves though and this one just goes on and on and ON to the point that I want to take a dpn and hurt myself with it. Or go lie in the road maybe. Yes I know that is TERRIBLE but OMG!!! did I mention that he goes ON and ON??

Ok ok I'm done. For the most part. The old wrist and thumb are very unhappy campers today...we've got the numbness and tingling going on and it is not pleasant. I think Mom and I are going to try and walk for a bit after work so hopefully that will loosen up the muscles and ease up the stress a bit :)

It is a very good thing I'm out of alcohol at home...there would be drinking and knitting tonight!!

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