Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I feel like a knitter!!

Warning: geekery ahead

So I've been on a yarn diet. No yarn or anything knitting related bought in January. Why? Has my stash grown to such proportions that I can't house it? No because I spent waaay over budget in December. Then I had to pay taxes in January and I had to buy all of my prescriptions TWICE, since I lost my bag with all my medicine on the flight back from Virginia. So today the sun comes out and the temps rise to a lovely 70 degrees and I was itching to get out of the office for a bit. So with 50% off coupon in hand I head to Joanns. Nothing there that I want or that I can afford. Then I head for Michaels because you see we don't have real yarn stores here in Waco. As I turn the corner to head down the yarn aisle this lady looks up and lights up at the sight of me.

Now let me just say when I'm shopping for yarn (in the craft stores) I never run into other people on the yarn aisle...I don't know why, obviously I'm not the only knitter in Waco it's true. The lady asked me a question. ME. A. QUESTION. About yarn! My first thought was why in the world would you ask ME a question about yarn good grief I KNOW NOTHING! NOTHING I TELL YOU. However before I could scare her I took a deep breath. She was asking about Lion Brand microspun and if I'd ever used it. I told her I had and she looked at me as if please continue so I told her I had a problem with it splitting something terrible and wasn't very happy with it...for what I was using it for. She frowned and showed me a book and a lovely sweater pattern. Unfortunately I didn't have any suggestions for another yarn she could use because at Michaels it's baby yarn and mostly novelty yarn except for a small section of wool ease and patons sws. However we chatted about the lack of yarn stores in Waco and how she would have to buy online but preferred to feel her yarn first.

People I tell you I was GIDDY! I had an actual conversation about yarn with someone who wasn't looking at me like I had two heads!! I practically skipped out of the store! To borrow a line from Aunt Purl http://www.crazyauntpurl.com/ I almost inappropriately hugged her!

Lil Bit says I am going to sit on you and you will rub my ears until I've had enough. Which could possibly be never.


Brenda said...

lol...yeah! I found your blog by searching for a yarn store in waco as I will be there next weekend...whaaa...when I saw your line that there isn't...but I know how exciting it is when someone actually talks to you about yarn or knitting!

Anonymous said...

What a bummer. I was looking for yarn stores to check out and there are none in Waco!!! I will be there in a couple of days and will end up having to take my own yarn with me. I live in Maine and OMG!!! I love it up here!!! I will definitely miss the number of stores up here and in New Hampshire when we finally transfer next year! So much for packing light!