Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The one with the flood, depression, and BAXTER!

Well...it has certainly been a wild several days around here. First off we have the great flood of 07 in which we ALMOST COULDN'T GET HOME PEOPLE! These pictures here...yeah that water...not usually there!

And then Friday night my cousin invited me over to his new house he just bought for dinner and MOJITO's (YUM)! And I played with this not so little guy right here:

A bundle of energy let me tell you! His name is Baxter and we had some slobbery fun!

Things have been stressful. Most of it boils down to money. Doesn't it always? Money for the new business, money when we start the new business, insurance problems etc...

That and I have realized that Lil Bit is sick. She is drinking lots and lots of water and doing things that I now see Ditto was doing when he first started getting sick. I know it is very likely that she has diabetes. We are heading to the vet to get tested Thursday. It takes about 3 or four days for the results to get back. I'm just worried sick. I honestly have no idea how I can afford shots for her but I will have to find away. I just can't bear losing another one of my kids so soon after Sully and Ditto. Ok...I'm getting teary so enough of that.

There is knitting fun to talk about but I just can't get excited about it right now.

If I look pitiful enough will you let me out?

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randi K design said...

Hi, what a cute cat!!