Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Along!

I've joined the new Happy Along! See the link in my sidebar.

I agree...this month bloggers have seemed to have the serious BLAHS! So I love the idea of knitting something just because it makes me happy and then knitting something to make someone else happy!

First up last weekend I drove up to pick up my Mom from visiting her sister. Since the Joann's in Carrollton is TEN times bigger and better than ours I always like to stop there. Mom wanted to buy me some yarn for coming to get her. However she mostly ended up buying FOUR different kinds of yarn for me to make scarves for HER. So, I've already started one of the scarves for her and that will take care of making someone else happy.

Last night I cast on an experiment of sorts that may be my happy knit...we'll see. I am also knitting a dishcloth for a swap (my first swap) and that makes me happy too! Once I've finished those I plan on knitting something for charity. There are tons out there that are worthy, however I'm going to do something that is a little closer to home this time. I'll post more on it later but it has to do with a local Race For The Cure that my cousin is organizing.

Also in other HAPPY news I am going to be an AUNT! Ok not TECHNICALLY...I only have one sister and at 45 I don't think she will ever have kids. My cousin who I am closest to and his wife are expecting. We'll call him Fred as this is a nickname I have for him...I remember when his mom was pregnant with him. They dressed me up and put makeup on me to smuggle me into the hospital to see him when he was born. (Back in those days you had to be over a certain age to be allowed on that floor.) Up until he was about seven years old he introduced me as his sister and he honestly thought I was. I just didn't live with him lol. His is the only wedding I've ever cried at! He refers to me as his evil babysitting cousin and tells a story to EVERYONE about how I once sat on him because he wouldn't behave. Did I mention I'm EXCITED??? We don't have any babies in the family (ok one new one but he is far away). SO EXCITED!!!

And lastly...I posted my list of 100 things about me a couple of nights ago. The next morning a certain author who I mentioned in my list commented on my blog! I was a bit stunned at first, and thrilled!

Now I'm off to plop on the couch and knit happy!

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