Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bonnie Bell

May I introduce Bonnie Bell my furry niece. This was taken two weeks ago before her haircut. You can't really tell how tall she is here, but she is a very large dog. She is a Komondor and her head is easily above hip level on me. Our family has never had a dog quite like Bonnie, she has quite the unique personality! She grins for one thing and everyone gets the biggest kick out of it. I've got photo's of her grinning, I'll have to dig them up. If you checked out the link above you can tell my sister obviously doesn't cord her hair. She keeps her cut short and often after grooming she looks like a funny 80lb poodle!

She's like a horse...but a sweet horse lol
They are guard dogs and she is territorial about her yard and Dixie my sister's other dog but other than that she's a big fluff ball.

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Me.... said...

Im a Waco Knitter too! Ive been knitting for about a month, and Michaels and hobby Lobbby are the only places Ive bought yearn since I started...

I was googling for "Yarn stores in Waco" and stumbled upon your blog..