Saturday, June 30, 2007

Helping Furry Friends and Knitters

Do you read the Yarnagogo blog? If not I highly recommend it! If you do, then you know about the amazing story of Digit and his return after four months. Dude I bawled when she thought he was dead. I bawled when he came back. I bawled reading all the comments of people donating $ to Rachael to help with Digit's vet bills in honor of their favorite kitty cats.

The story is enough to make you want to help. However, facing my own rather large vet bill at the moment I can really relate to how Rachael and Lala feel. I have so been there. Panicking because you know you don't have the money to do what needs done to save your babies. You do it anyway, because you'll do anything for them. This bill for them is going to be in the thousands...few people are prepared for that.

So if you can spare a buck or two please do so. Even though it isn't needed, Rachael is having a drawing for some lovely sweaters she has knit.

Ericka at RedShirtKnitting
is also having a drawing to help Digit! Check it out and get a chance to win your own Jane Hat!

Now I'm gonna go hug my kitty (the one that will let me) and knit on my MS3.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend full of love and kisses from those that you love and love you...furry or not :)

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