Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Longing for Fall

I am SO ready for fall. I am beyond tired of heat and humidity. Not to mention keeping my toes all painted and pretty for sandals and flip flops. I'm ready to be able to open my windows and break out my boots and pants and scarves! I am definitely a fall kinda girl. Which...I realize that compared to most places, Texas doesn't have much of a fall season, but I'll take what I can get. I really started noticing it about a month ago...I just start to get this...FEELING for lack of a better word and it happens every year. I start feeling the urge to craft and make things (even more so than usual) and work jig saw puzzles (a winter tradition my Mother instilled when I was young...but something I haven't done since I took up knitting). I start switching all of my scented plug-in thingy's to apple cinnamon. I want to drink coffee and tea and I start buying new creamers and flavors and it's still too damn hot to drink them!

To be fair I enjoy winter (especially the temperatures) and spring (everything growing and green and it smells sooooo nice and fresh!), but fall. I LONG for fall. In collage I always had the hardest time going to classes in the fall. I just wanted to be outside enjoying it or inside and being lazy but not in a class room. I used to decorate for fall too. The office mainly and when I sold Southern Living At Home I really went all out for fall.

SIGH. One of these years I really want to see the east coast in the fall. I will be spending a couple of weeks in the Virginia/DC area in either October or November. So hopefully I'll get to enjoy some real fall weather!


kvonhard said...

I agree!!! You need to come up to New England to see Autumn! Autumn is my favoritest time of year. The end of September through the beginning of November is just amazing up here. All of a sudden, there's this very special autumn smell in the air. The smell of leaves and wood fires and cool, crisp air. It's my own version of heaven. :-) And, of course, we actually do have a pull out couch... :-D I can't believe you're going to be so close and yet...so...far...away... :-) But, I agree. Autumn rocks dude.

kvonhard said...

I totally agree. The end of September through the beginning of November is the most amazing time of year. There's this special smell to the air - leaves and wood fires and a special crisp smell to the air. The air is just cool enough that you can wear toasty socks and shirts and sweaters, but not so cold that you're constantly frozen. It's amazing! We do, btw, have a pull out couch in the sunroom. Just sayin'. I can't believe you're going to be so...close...yet so...far...away...VA/DC is awesome though.