Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's a Boy!

A bouncing 82lb 4 year old! Meet Kodi...

Well...we aren't sure how hold he is exactly but are told around four or five years. He doesn't really act that old though, he can be pretty playful!

I adopted/rescued him on September 20th. My sister and I drove to meet the owner and Kodi with the intention of not bringing him home with us that day. With all the craziness that is our life right now and the possible pending funeral we just thought it would be better to wait. However, once we met this sweet boy we could tell he needed some immediate care and attention. He was well loved, but I think his owner just did not know how to take care of him. As you can see, he is entirely too skinny

Yes, he is the same breed as Bonnie my sister's dog. He is a Komondor and like Bonnie I will keep his hair short and not corded. He has a few physical issues and special needs that we are working on, but just in the short time we've had him I think he has improved. He is already fitting right in with the family, and much to my sisters dismay prefers to sleep on her couch. He will stay at my sister's through the first week in October while we are out of town, then I'll get to bring him home!

He really thinks he is a lap dog because he wants to be in your lap or practically laying on you all the time. He loves affection and can be a bit demanding if you are ignoring him! The poor guy has been shuffled around a lot in his life but he has the sweetest temperament and behaves very well considering! Hopefully he'll be very happy in his new home with me and Lady and the cats.


kvonhard said...

He's adorable! Although, when you said "me and Lady and the cats" all I could think was to sing it to the Pinky and The Brain theme song...I REALLY hope you know what I'm talking about. "With me and Lady and the cats cats cats cats cats."

Knitter Kris said...

What a sweet puppy. He looks extremelly happy to find a permanent home.