Thursday, September 28, 2006

I think I'm in trouble

Ok, I just realized something. My house. My house is...well it's a mess. I opened the silverware drawer and there were no spoons. As I wonder where all my spoons have gone I turn to the sink. Oh. Yeah. Haven't done those. Then as I head to the computer I see the cat food is almost empty...hmm I really hope I have some. It is not a pretty site people. I also know in the bedroom there is a massive monster of laundry that is threatening to take over. IT IS CLEAN but needs to be folded and put away. What have I been doing? Where have I been? I've been working late but not THAT late. I have been knitting. I try and do at least one row hopefully two a night on the wrap/lapgan thingie. You know one of those projects us newly knitters do because we are intimidated by a regular size afgan still. The knitting is good's just not looking like I thought it would. ANYWAY I get home, feed the kiddies, maybe check email, then knit a few rows before falling in to bed.

I really need to spend some cleaning time this weekend. And of course there are those things that have been floating around in my head all day. What things? New things. New knitterly things. I've suppressed it for what...2 weeks but the startitis (to borrow from the Harlot) is starting again. *sigh*

It's a GOOD thing I don't know more yet...I would have a problem.

Hope everyone out there in blogland has sweet dreams! One more day and the "end of month hell" that comes with my job is over. :)

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Ida said...

Funny reflections round everyday life..... I got a good laugh... ;)
Hope you get time to knit a lot.... :-)