Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So yeah...

Ok I created this blog a long time ago. Never did anything with it. (surprise!) Then after recently discovering the evils of Myspace...I in turn discovered a WHOLE NEW WORLD. Knit Blogs. Yeah shocked me to! There are hundreds and hundreds of women and men out there blogging about KNITTING. I actually did a happy dance. So I've been stalking their sites. Reading. Ooohing over the pretty yarn. Just lurking. But I'm so ready to start commenting. So I actually created a new blog that had to do with knitting. Yeah but then I got busy and I've forgotten the user name and password I created. I've even gone in and put every email address I have and it says it's sending me the info...but I'm not getting it. So we'll just use this one huh? Yepper!

Ok...I'm gonna start trying to figure out this blog thing and how to put links up of those other bloggers I read!

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