Monday, November 26, 2007

A review in pictures

Because ya'll know how I luvs the pictures!

October brought this home more than ever as a long awaited baby girl survives life threatening lung problems and we lose my aunt.

Gertrude and below is Wally. Cute couple huh? She is the boss though...and tends to kick if he gets to close when I'm feeding them carrots. They aren't mine..but live next to me and tend to follow me around. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the carrots!

Just a neat picture of a lamp

The court house in Hillsboro Texas.

Abigail the lazy...has such a hard life.

Kodi loves his kong...and yes he stays like this until he gets all the treats out!

begging for attention

My most awesome knitting bag that I got for my Birthday in October!

one of many pairs of halloween socks I bought this year.

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kvonhard said...

Finally a frickin' post! Love the picture of Kodi dude. He's hysterical.