Monday, November 26, 2007

She Lives!

Why yes I AM still alive thank you :)

Considering I've had two lovely comments on old posts in the last week I thought I really need to get my rear in gear and post to this lil old blog that has been so sorely neglected.

I mean I have 3 whole subscribers I wouldn't want to lose them! I have wanted to blog in the last oh 2 months or so and have even had things to blog about. Unfortunately it just kept getting pushed to the bottom of my to-do list's. Yes you read that correctly. LISTS, as in I have a few. At the very least I have one going for each business and a personal one.

I hope everyone had a wonderful lovely Thanksgiving and got to spend the day doing just what you wanted where you wanted. I had originally planned to hibernate at home alone and take advantage of my parents and sister being out of town. However I did end up going to the family reunion (yes on Thanksgiving) and got to hold baby Peyton for which I am VERY thankful for. Our biggest blessing and miracle this year is that baby girl. I'm so so sooooooo thankful she is home and doing better. She looks so much like her Daddy that it amazes me. I told him I have visions of her running around in about two years demanding Cheetos and apple juice which is what he did when he was two.

I am going to really try to be a better blogger. I can't promise great content but I will do my best to post more often. I have been knitting on my second no rules bag and my garter stitch shawl. Hopefully I will finish one of them by the end of the year.

I also am over on ravelry as Sugarbritches, feel free to add me if I haven't already added you!

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