Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's all about the Merry and Bright BABY!!!

Ok...so this past Saturday I drove Mom up to Dallas to see her sister who has been very ill and in all reality will not be with us very much longer. She hates to ask us to drive her up there, but I knew she wanted to go check on my aunt so we bought a few goodies and presents and headed up there. I'm not going to go into the bad stuff and my rant on stubborn people or how sad the situation is, because people reading this have enough to deal with. AND this post is about MERRY and BRIGHT DAMMIT!

Ok, while there admiring their little Christmas tree that Mom and a friend had put up for them at Thanksgiving, I mentioned I wanted to get one of those cute trees. Then I went to run some errands for them and buy groceries and such. When I got back my uncle had pulled down a little 4 foot tree from the attic for me. It's just the cutest thing! In a red wicker basket and its VERY full, and has pine cones and berries in it. So, I've brought it to my office and it's half decorated and awaiting the finishing touches this afternoon.

This little tree is just what I needed to put the BRIGHT back in my attitude.

Gotta run...work to do but remember it's ALL about the MERRY and BRIGHT BAYBEEEEE!!!

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